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It Is All the Same Distraction:
Ghosts, Goddesses, and Gratitude

L. H.

L. H. is a University counselor. She offered this story of her encounters with other entities for the website, but asked that we not use her name. She felt like her professional collegues may not understand her experience or the straightforwardness with which she speaks about it.

Editor's note: L. H. speaks in a very matter of fact manner about her experiences. She does not try to interpret, categorize or qualify them. Neither do we feel the necessity to do so. Avatar Adi Da once said about dreams that it is not so much any interpretation one can make of a dream, rather, the significance is in the having of it. We feel that her story is a particularly excellent example of bringing Adi Da’s instruction to bear in this area of her life.

It has been my great fortune and privilege to be a devotee of Avatar Adi Da Samraj for over thirty years. In that time I have encountered many discarnate beings, both human and non-human; we would commonly refer to such beings as ghosts. I have countless stories of interactions with these beings; many have been entirely horrific and many have been benign and very helpful. I have also encountered other beings that have great powers. It is not my intention in this writing to fascinate the reader in any way. What I have learned from these encounters is simple: All such experiences (and indeed experiences of any kind whatsoever) are, without exception, the same distraction and play upon limitation of vision. If I can use these experiences to strengthen my turning to the Divine Reality, that is the primary use of them. However, they are not necessary.

Whatever life patterns and fascinations I may have brought into this lifetime to warrant my sensitivity to discarnate beings, the lesson to me is clear. All apparently separate egoic selves are suffering and are seeking relief from suffering. This suffering is based on the activity of separation. Therefore, the only relief from this suffering and seeking is the mutually responsive relationship with a Being Who is free of all such illusions of separation. For myself, and, I believe, for those beings who associate with me, this One is Avatar Adi Da.

The first time I clearly knew that I was in contact with ghosts was when I had an experience of being fully and bodily possessed by a very demonic entity. This was straight out of the movie "The Exorcist". As my conscious self, I was pushed to the back of my head and whenever I tried to speak all that would emerge from my mouth were animal noises. I had no control over the body and could not move. This being was crazed with anger and I could feel his intense suffering. I was terrified and I began to call on Adi Da by saying His Name and repeating it over and over in my mind. After a time, the entity left my body. From that time, I have been sensitive to subtle visitors, both negative and positive.

After this experience I was very afraid and sought Avatar Adi Da's Wisdom about ghosts. A close friend and devotee had recently been having similar experiences and Adi Da had given instructions to him about this subject. Avatar Adi Da said that people usually attract that by which they are fascinated. He said that people who are weak bodily, who do not associated strongly with the physical body, are susceptible to subtle interference. He also said that some people had past life associations with negative entities and these people had waited many lifetimes until Adi Da appeared in this world to deal with those associations. These unseen forces can have great power; both fascination and fear give them even more power. It is my experience that only through the help of One who is entirely free of both fascination and fear is there a resolution to these matters. I am very grateful for my Spiritual Master's Instruction and Divine help with these matters. I regard my encounters with discarnate entities as a purifying practice of self-transcendence and self-submission to Him.

Avatar Adi Da has also given Instructions about what to do when one encounters a discarnate entity. These instructions are meant to help the entity move on, since most do not know they are dead and feel confused and trapped in a reality made of their own emotional and subtle carryover from the past life. There are also other forms of beings who are not ghosts but who do not usually visibly hang around on this plane of existence. I have had some experiences with these beings. They have more power in one hair than we do in our whole being. They are to be respected and not called upon casually or for personal gain. They serve the Divine Heart of the World. Here is one story.

I was living on our Sanctuary in Hawaii at the time of this story. It was then called "Tumomama" a name given to it by Adi Da. [This Sanctuary is now called Da Love-Ananda Mahal.] The force that seemed to naturally pervade the property was said to be that of the Goddess known in the Hindu Tradition as Kali. Kali is generally known as the fierce destroyer — in fact, the name “Tumomama” means “fierce woman”.[1] But Kali also represents sustenance and birth, like her counterpart Shiva. Generally, it was the fierce aspect of her that people were aware of in this place, and many devotees when they first move to the Sanctuary experience exaggerated purification and difficulty. However, I did not experience this. My experiences were full of nurturing and healing force.

Late one afternoon I was attending an outdoor occasion at one of the Sanctuary's Holy sites. It was a site I was responsible for serving daily. Soon after the ceremony began I became aware of a figure approaching the site. It was a blue woman who was obviously endowed with great power. I felt this woman was Kali, and I became afraid. She then began to show me her power: the sun changed position in the sky and changes were happening everywhere in nature. She was rearranging the universe. This is actually what I saw. I felt how I could be snuffed out by the power of nature, her power, at any moment.

Then, she smiled, walked over to the sacred photograph of Avatar Adi Da Samraj, and bowed low and fully to Him. In an instant I saw that with all her power, she, the energy and force of nature itself, was submitted to Supreme Consciousness Itself, and that she was there to serve the Divine Purposes of Avatar Adi Da at His holy Sanctuary, and indeed in the world altogether. My fear dissolved in love and devotion to my Spiritual Master. I felt again how life in itself was about change and endings and not about fascination, but that if submitted to the Divine, it can be lived by a different principle — that of spiritual practice and inherently Prior Happiness — which masters life itself.

After that incident, I felt Kali visit me a few more times. She would come and stand beside me in our daily sacred celebrations of our Spiritual Master. She would not appear as a destroyer, but as a sister, celebrating with me our love of the Divine Consciousness in the form of Avatar Adi Da. I continue to encounter and somehow attract entities. I take practical steps to try to prevent or minimize this. However, it still does happen. I always point these beings to my Spiritual Master and His Liberating Way. I would prefer that I did not have these visitors, but that is not for me to decide. I continually turn my attention to Avatar Adi Da and apply His Instructions. I feel deeply blessed to be His devotee and to have the opportunity to turn to Him in each moment and experience of my life, to contemplate Him, and to not worry about or solve anything. He is my answer.



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