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Saving a Life in Future Time

Hellie Kalogeros

Hellie Kalogeros has been a devotee of Adi Da since 1972. Her story, which took place in 1982, communicates her Guru's Divine Love and Compassion, which Transcends time and space.

Hellie KalogerosI was at a gathering at The Mountain Of Attention with Heart-Master Adi Da, where He was giving a discourse to a number of students, speaking to us about our disciplines and daily spiritual practices. I was sitting not too far from My Beloved Guru among about 25 or 30 other students, and there was a brief break in the conversation. Someone mentioned to Heart-Master Da that a famous person had died that day, and He asked how it happened. The conversation drifted from the intensity with which we should be practicing to how some famous people in the past had died. 

We began amusingly swapping terrible death stories. My Beloved Guru then mentioned hearing how Mama Cass, singer with the group "The Mamas and the Papas", had died. He said He had heard that she choked to death in a restaurant eating a ham sandwich. He then said, “Of course when she died, they didn’t have the Heimlich maneuver back in those days, as they do today.” (The Heimlich maneuver has been a proven life-saving method for people who are choking.)  It was at that point He looked directly at me. I thought it rather odd that He would single me out of a crowd of so many people, and dismissed it almost immediately. 

As the evening wore on, my attention was sort of drifting, and I was getting sleepy when the conversation again came around to death and how some people die by choking. Again my Beloved Guru turned in my direction, looked directly in my eyes and said, “You do know what the Heimlich maneuver is, don’t you?” I turned around to see if He was looking at the person behind me. And He yelled out, “That’s right, I’m looking at you!”

Surprised by direct attention, and unmistakable address, I answered, “Yes I do.” I thought to myself, perhaps He could feel me getting sleepy and wanted me to be more alert for the conversation by addressing me personally. Adi Da simply went on with the conversation and did not address me further for the rest of the evening. As I sat there, I didn’t think anything more of it, except to notice that my attention was once again restored, and I was fully awake through to the end of the evening. I felt He was just trying to help me stay awake.

A few days later we were in another discourse again with many other students present. This time I was sitting right in front of my Guru, and again the conversation came around to death by way of suffocation. Heart-Master Da mentioned to us that He was almost strangled at birth, by the umbilical cord which was wrapped around His neck. Once again, in the midst of a crowd of students, He then turned to me and asked me directly, looking deep into my eyes, if I knew how to do the Heimlich maneuver. Naturally I thought, this was a test to see if I was paying attention, and thinking proudly to myself that I had passed the test, I answered loudly “yes”. 

About a week later, a few of us were on the lawn surrounding Heart-Master Da. It was a beautiful but warm day, and someone was showing Him some new plants that had arrived for the garden area. Heart-Master Da mentioned something about the weeds choking out some of the plants in the garden, and again the conversation turned to the subject of death by choking. I was standing next to Him, when He said, “Well, there is the Heimlich maneuver. Do you all know what that is and how to apply it?” Before we could even answer, suddenly my Beloved Guru stands behind me and puts His arms around me and places His fists in a position underneath my ribcage and demonstrates exactly how to do it. 

At first I thought this rather odd, but dismissed it again, this time thinking it was only a coincidence that I just happened to be one of the people standing next to Him when the conversation turned to choking. In any case, I felt honored that I could be the subject of His demonstration. I thought no more about the incident. 

A few days later, two other ladies and I were in the kitchen cooking lunch for the resident children. It was a hot day and we had already placed the silverware, napkins, condiments, and ice water on the table. Because we were busy attending to matters in the kitchen, none of us were paying much attention to one of the children who came in ahead of the others and sat down to sample some of the items on the lunch table. 

Suddenly I heard a strange sound coming from the dining room table. It was some kind of unusual gurgling noise. I turned to see what was happening and to my horror I saw my daughter, who appeared to be in great distress. She was holding her hands to her throat, trying to say something, but no words were coming out. Tears were streaming out of her eyes, and there was a look of terror on her face. Instantly I realized that she was choking on something. 

While everyone else was frozen in fear, within a heartbeat, I immediately flew into action. I wheeled her around, placed my hands under her ribcage just as My Beloved Guru had done with me on the lawn a few days earlier, and executed the Heimlich maneuver. Within a few strokes of pressure, out popped an ice cube, which literally flew across the room. 

When it was all over, I simply sat in awe with my daughter folded in my arms, weeping and thanking my Beloved Heart-Master Adi Da for His Incredible Blessing Gift of her life. 

It was an Extraordinary lesson, one of Great Love and Great Compassion, and a demonstration of That One Who utterly Transcends time and space, and all egoity. I have thought over and over again what might have happened had my life-saving lesson not been so personal, or had He not driven that lesson into my very body that day on the lawn. I should have known that His Divine Attention to me or any one else personally is never a casual matter.

It is very unusual for my Guru to physically touch His students. Our life with Him is very formal. And the events leading up to this Remarkable Blessing have truly opened my eyes to the Power and Mystery of my Beloved Guru, Heart-Master Adi Da Samraj, who constantly shows me His Divine Nature is that of One Who always already Transcends Everything. I am so very grateful for the Bodily Human Form of my Beloved Heart-Master, Adi Da Samraj, and His Divine Intervention in my life and the life of my daughter. 

Thank You, my Beloved Heart-Master Adi Da Samraj.

The casual Words and Footsteps of the Divine Heart-Master Build a Bridge across the ocean of our bondage. Therefore, attend to This Divine Liberator every moment of your life.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj, Ruchira Avatara Gita

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