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Le soi-je Séparé Est Une Illusionvideo
poster: Vidéos d'Adi Da
length: 06:49
date added: December 11, 2017 New
event date: July 7, 2005
language: French
event speakers: Avataric Discourse, DVD
views: 39; views this month: 39; views this week: 39
[Contains French subtitles. If you don't see them, press the Settings icon (the gear), select Subtitles, and then check French.]

"Le soi-'je' Séparé Est Une Illusion" ("The separate self 'I' is an Illusion") is a video excerpt from an Avataric Discourse given by Adi Da on July 7, 2005 in Land Bridge Pavilion at The Mountain Of Attention.

Adi Da Samraj speaks about the action of self-contraction, which creates the sense of being a "separate self" - whereas, in Reality, no matter what arises, you are only and merely the Witness Consciousness.

This talk is from the first occasion in many years in which Avatar Adi Da spoke directly to a gathering of His devotees in California. Questions from devotees about intimate, familial, and social issues are met with Avatar Adi Da's Compassion and Humor, as well as His Liberating Wisdom.

The complete Avataric Discourse is available on the DVD, Relinquish the Mummery of This World.

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L'Enseignement d'Adi Da Samraj comme Transmissionvideo
poster: Vidéos d'Adi Da
length: 17:55
date added: December 10, 2017 New
language: French
event speakers: Jonathan Condit, Megan Anderson
views: 34; views this month: 34; views this week: 34
[Contains French subtitles. If you don't see them, press the Settings icon (the gear), select Subtitles, and then check French.]

Jonathan Condit était l'assistant éditeur principal d'Adi Da. Il parle de "La Fonction de Littérature Spirituelle d'Adi Da Samraj". Ensuite, Adi Da décrit le processus de Son Enseignement comme Transmission. Enfin, Megan Anderson décrit le chef-d'œuvre d'Adi Da, The Aletheon, comme la communication la plus pure d'Adi Da Lui-Même.

This video clip, "L'Enseignement d'Adi Da Samraj comme Transmission" ("Adi Da Samraj's Teaching as Transmission") includes:

  • Commentary from Jonathan Condit (at 0:00)Jonathan Condit was Adi Da's senior editorial assistant, and is Senior Editor for the Adidam Editorial Department. Jonathan talks about "The Function of the Spiritual Literature of Adi Da Samraj", and how Adi Da's Teaching works as Transmission of His Transcendental Spiritual State, and serves the Spiritual Realization of the reader.

  • Excerpt from an Avataric Discourse by Adi Da (at 5:35) — The Discourse is "My Teaching is a Direct Transmission of Me", from October 28, 2005. Adi Da talks about how His Teaching Word is a form of Spiritual Transmission, that enables Divine Communion with Him (if the devotee is in the right devotional disposition), in the same way that a Murti photograph does, or any of the other forms of Agency that Adi Da has created for this purpose.

  • Commentary from Megan Anderson (at 12:44)Megan Anderson is an editor in the Adidam Editorial Department. Megan talks about Adi Da's great, final masterpiece, The Aletheon as the purest communication and Transmission of Adi Da Himself (among all His many, extraordinary books), and describes receiving the Revelation of Adi Da as she was proofreading The Aletheon before its publication.

Adi Da: "My Reality-Teaching is unparalleled Spiritual Transmission, occurring under the most extraordinary circumstances. It is not the product of an ordinary mind or a kind of scholarly commentary. It is a direct expression of Spiritual Transformation, of Spiritual Power, of Transcendental, Inherently Spiritual, and (necessarily) Divine Being, Consciousness, and Love-Bliss. It does not arise in Me or through Me in any ordinary fashion. It is an utterly spontaneous and Transcendental Spiritual Event."

For more on how to best make use of Adi Da's Teaching, read the article, The Gift of Study. For more on the Transmission associated with the Teaching, visit our section, The Mantric Force of Adi Da's Word and read our section on Adi Da as Spiritual Transmission Master. For more on Adi Da's unique use of the English language, read our article, Transcendental Orthography as a Teaching Device.
French   Avataric Discourse  

Qu'est-ce que le Sectarisme?video
poster: Vidéos d'Adi Da
length: 19:00
date added: December 9, 2017 New
event date: December 16, 1978
language: French
views: 39; views this month: 39; views this week: 39
[Contains French subtitles. If you don't see them, press the Settings icon (the gear), select Subtitles, and then check French.]

Adi Da critique le sectarisme religieux. Ce discours, donné en 1978, est une de ses allocutions récapitulatives sur le sujet.

Adi Da criticized religious cultism, long before the subject gained any popular attention. (For an audio clip of His earliest criticisms — in June, 1972 — click here.) This discourse, "Qu'est-ce que le Sectarisme?" ("What Is Cultism?"), given in 1978 at The Mountain Of Attention, is one of His summary addresses on the subject. Adi Da observes that the primary characteristic of a cult member is shared enthusiasm (like enjoying the energy of the crowd at a football game). For example, in "the cult of the Spiritual Master", everybody is enjoying the enthusiasm (their own and each other's) associated with having "found" the great Master; but no one is actually engaged in significant deepening of the devotional and spiritual relationship with the Master, and practicing on that basis — hence no Spiritual growth or Realization occurs.

Adi Da: "My purpose in My Teaching is to make it possible for you to duplicate what I have done — not to be eternally separated from Me, but to be in Communion with Me — to be intimate with Me in Spiritual terms, so that you, yourself, may live this practice, and fulfill it in your own case."

La Nécessité d'Avoir Un Gourouvideo
poster: Vidéos d'Adi Da
length: 07:03
date added: December 4, 2017 New
event date: December 27, 1988
language: French
views: 103; views this month: 103; views this week: 45
[Contains French subtitles. If you don't see them, press the Settings icon (the gear), select Subtitles, and then check French.]

Adi Da Samraj parle de l'approche "à-faire-soi-même" à la spiritualité qui est populaire dans le monde aujourd'hui, et de la nécessité d'avoir un maître/gourou.

In this video clip from the 1988 talk, "What Is Your Intention?", Adi Da criticizes the "do-it-yourself" approach to spirituality that is popular in the world today, and speaks about why a teacher is necessary.

The full talk is available on the DVD, The Commitment To Real-God-Realization.

For more on this subject, read our article, Why Great Spiritual Realization Requires a Spiritual Transmission Master.
French   DVD  

Une Introduction à Avatar Adi Da Samrajvideo
poster: Vidéos d'Adi Da
length: 13:37
date added: December 4, 2017 New
language: French
event speaker: Nick Elias
views: 134; views this month: 134; views this week: 67
[Contains French subtitles. If you don't see them, press the Settings icon (the gear), select Subtitles, and then check French.]

"Une Introduction à Avatar Adi Da Samraj" ("An introduction to Avatar Adi Da Samraj").

ADI DA: “Je Transcends tous — et J’Inclue tous… Mon Enseignement-Révélation est Offert à chacun — comme Sagesse Universelle et Unique Qui Dépasse les limitations en chacun, sans sélectivité. Je Suis L’Avatar Divin — Transcendant l’Orient et l’Occident”.

La vie humaine d'Avatar Adi Da était une démonstration unique de son Etat illuminé, qu’Il appelle le "Lumineux", la Lumière Consciente qui est la Réalité Elle-Même. De Sa naissance le 3 novembre 1939 à Long Island à New York, à Son décès le 27 novembre 2008, Sa vie est l'histoire de l’Intervention du "Lumineux" dans la sphère humaine.

Au cours de Sa vie, Avatar Adi Da établit une nouvelle et unique possibilité pour la transformation de tous les êtres et du monde lui-même. Sa Révélation est celle de la Réalité Divine, la Condition Antérieure de chacun et de tout.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj a toujours dit que la Voie qu’Il Enseigne est une relation transcendant l'égo, plutôt qu'une technique au service de l'égo. La Voie est fondée sur la reconnaissance et la réponse à Lui. C'est une intuition silencieuse et sans paroles au coeur de l'être - et non pas une question de croyance, d'idées ou de techniques en quête d’épanouissement (matériel ou spirituel). Pour tous ceux qui Lui répondent, Avatar Adi Da Samraj Révèle la Condition Divine Même: l’Amour-Béatitude-Lumière de la Conscience Elle-Même.

Ce film donne un aperçu de la vie et de l'enseignement d'Avatar Adi Da, et est une invitation à entrer en relation Spirituelle avec Lui.


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