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Sacred Sighting: August 8, 2008video
poster: AdiDaVideos
length: 06:08
date added: October 6, 2018 New
event date: August 8, 2008
language: English
views: 196; views this month: 62; views this week: 10
Darshan (Sacred Sighting) of His Divine Presence Adi Da Samraj on August 8, 2008, at Adi Da Samrajashram, a few months before His Divine Mahasamadhi.

La Nature de la Souffrance Humainevideo
poster: Vidéos d'Adi Da
speaker: Nick Elias
length: 06:06
date added: July 9, 2018
language: French
views: 358; views this month: 36; views this week: 8
[Contains French subtitles. If the CC icon ("Subtitles/closed captions") has a red line under it, the subtitles should appear. If you don't see them, just press the CC icon to turn them on.]

La Nature de la Souffrance Humaine ("The Nature of Human Suffering") is an excerpt from the video presentation, "Reality, Truth, and Conscious Light".

Darshan of Avatar Adi Da begins at 2:34.
Darshan   French  

One More Monkeyvideo
poster: CDBaby
length: 08:25
date added: June 18, 2018
event date: 1988
language: English
views: 457; views this month: 22; views this week: 5
Avatar Adi Da gave this talk in 1988. The jumping off point for His talk is some mathematical ideas about number and infinity (including different kinds of infinity) that He studied while He was a student at Columbia University. Adi Da makes the point that all such ideas (even the idea of infinity) are limited abstractions motivated by the human need to control. In contrast, Reality Itself is not limited, and is always already free.

This audio excerpt is track 3 on the CD, Reality Is Beyond "Point of View".

La Condición Perfecta Esvideo
poster: Videos de Adi Da - Español
length: 22:29
date added: December 3, 2017
event date: July 7, 2005
language: Spanish
views: 1175; views this month: 78; views this week: 14
[Contains Spanish subtitles. If the CC icon ("Subtitles/closed captions") has a red line under it, the subtitles should appear. If you don't see them, just press the CC icon to turn them on.]

Discurso por el Maestro de todo el mundo, Adi Da Samraj.

"La Condición Perfecta Es" ("The Perfect Condition Is") is a video excerpt from an Avataric Discourse given by Adi Da Samraj on July 7, 2005, in Land Bridge Pavilion at The Mountain Of Attention.

Adi Da talks about the presumption of the egoic "separate self" sense that is the root of human suffering. He contrasts this with our actual Position in Truth: the Position of Conscious Light.

This talk is from the first occasion in many years in which Avatar Adi Da spoke directly to a gathering of His devotees in California. Questions from devotees about intimate, familial, and social issues are met with Avatar Adi Da's Compassion and Humor, as well as His Liberating Wisdom.

The complete Avataric Discourse is available on the DVD, Relinquish the Mummery of This World. (This video excerpt is from Part 3 of the DVD.)

At 19:58, a formal Darshan occasion begins (at Adi Da Samrajashram) and continues to the end of this video clip.
Avataric Discourse   DVD   Spanish  

There Is No Separate Selfvideo
poster: AdiDaVideos
length: 09:29
date added: October 19, 2017
language: English
views: 1053; views this month: 63; views this week: 21
In this discourse excerpt, Adi Da addresses the fact that the assumption of a separate self or being, is not really the case. It is, in fact, an illusion — a "lie" that rules our entire life. But based on this assumption, we assume all kinds of limitations, and struggle to get out of our suffering through the very means (our assumption that we are separate) which binds us in the first place. All that does is reinforce the illusion.

At 7:07, there is Darshan of Adi Da, continuing to 9:09.

Music: John Mackay and Matt Nicholson

The full talk is available on the DVD, The Quest for the Historical Self.

This talk is also available on a CD.
Avataric Discourse   Darshan   DVD   CD  

Samadhi at Banyan Bayvideo
poster: Gerald Sheinfeld
speaker: Gerald Sheinfeld
length: 05:52
date added: October 15, 2017
language: English
views: 1237; views this month: 77; views this week: 32
Gerald Sheinfeld, describing an occasion of Darshan of Adi Da at Banyan Bay, on Naitauba, Fiji, in February, 2005: "Just by Adi Da's Free Presence all sense of separation fell away. The awareness was prior to the act of ego-'I'. The feeling had no separate self-sense to it, it was simply Reality. The Love-Bliss natural state of perfectly free Conscious Being."

Gerald tells many more stories of his life of more than 45 years with Adi Da in his book, At the Feet of the Spiritual Master. Some of these stories are also available in audio form on his downloadable album, At the Feet of the Spiritual Master.
CD   DVD  

Adi Da Samraj: Sacred Sighting - California, 2005video
poster: Video di Adi Da, Canale italiano
length: 04:07
date added: August 2, 2017
event date: 2005
language: Italian
views: 1122; views this month: 36; views this week: 11
Questo è il canale che celebra Adi Da Samraj – realizzatore spirituale unico, maestro, autore e artista. Adi Da Samraj ha dedicato la sua vita alla creazione di strumenti utili all'umanità per realizzare la Verità ultima – quello che lui ha chiamato il “Luminoso”, ossia la Indivisibile Realtà in cui noi tutti appariamo.

Per ulteriori informazioni su Adi Da Samraj, si prega di scrivere a:
Italian   Darshan   Mountain Of Attention  

Spotkania z Adi Da Samraj, Kalifornia, 2005
poster: Adi Da Video Polska
length: 04:07
date added: May 20, 2017
event date: 2005
language: Polish
views: 1134; views this month: 39; views this week: 12
[Contains Polish subtitles. If the CC icon ("Subtitles/closed captions") has a red line under it, the subtitles should appear. If you don't see them, just press the CC icon to turn them on.]

Awatara Adi Da Samraj podczas Jego wizyty w Sanktuarium Mountain of Attention (Góra Uwagi). Kalifornia w 2005 r.

Aby uzyskać więcej informacji o Adi Da Samraj i Drodze Serca proszę pisać na adres:

Avatar Adi Da Samraj during His visit to The Mountain Of Attention Sanctuary. California, in the summer of 2005.
Darshan   Mountain Of Attention   Polish  

Vista Sagrada: 8 de Agosto de 2008video
poster: Videos de Adi Da - Español
length: 07:00
date added: May 14, 2017
event date: August 8, 2008
language: Spanish
views: 1215; views this month: 41; views this week: 15
Vista Sagrada (Sacred Sighting), 8 de Agosto de 2008.

A wonderful Sacred Sighting of Adi Da (at Adi Da Samrajashram) just a few months before His Divine Mahasamadhi.
Darshan   Adi Da Samrajashram   Spanish  

Sacred Sighting: April 8, 2008video
poster: AdiDaVideos
length: 03:38
date added: April 29, 2017
event date: April 8, 2008
language: English
views: 1253; views this month: 32; views this week: 9
An occasion of Sacred Sighting of Adi Da at His Hermitage Ashram in Fiji, on April 8, 2008.

While Adi Da often sat in formal meditation halls with devotees, He also granted these occasions of sighting Him in more natural environments as well, as in this occasion.
Darshan   Adi Da Samrajashram  

What Is Doubt?video
part 4 of The Yoga of Human Emotional-Sexual Life

poster: Wisdom Tools for Humanity
length: 13:25
date added: March 26, 2017
event date: July 20, 1986
language: English
views: 1855; views this month: 40; views this week: 10
In 1986, Adi Da made His first visit to the European community of His devotees. He travelled through England, France and Holland. In the South of Holland, in the village of Maria Hoop close to the German border, a former Catholic monastery was found which could be rented for a few weeks. Devotees swiftly cleaned buildings and the grounds. Adi Da stayed in a specially prepared wing of the monastery for several days. During this time, He granted Darshan and held "Question and Answer" occasions in the chapel (now called Adi Da Kapel) with German, English, Dutch, French and American devotees. The former monastery has since been acquired by the European community of Adidam and is now known as The European Danda.

In this rare excerpt from one of the "Question and Answer" occasions, Adi Da addresses the primal human emotion of doubt in a most direct and simple manner. He describes how doubt is not ultimately a sign that we have been "betrayed" in some way. The radical solution to doubt is to identify with the Divine Itself, beyond the temporary cycles of the body and mind and beyond the sense of being a separate self.

Sacred Sightingvideo
part 4 of Reality, Truth and Conscious Light

poster: Wisdom Tools for Humanity
length: 03:03
date added: March 18, 2017
event date: June 2, 2008
language: English
views: 1316; views this month: 33; views this week: 13
A simple, potent, silent occasion in which Adi Da sits with His devotees (on June 2, 2008 at Adi Da Samrajashram) and communicates His Divine State.

Just Give It To Mevideo
poster: AdiDaVideos
length: 10:39
date added: February 19, 2017
language: English
views: 1786; views this month: 66; views this week: 18
Cheech Marrero was one of Adi Da's earliest devotees. In this video clip, Cheech describes the defining moment in his relationship with Adi Da.

You can read an extended version of Cheech's story here.

After Cheech's story — at 5:18 in the video clip — a slideshow of images of Adi Da begins, followed by a video clip of Darshan of Adi Da at 7:38. The soundtrack for the slideshow and Darshan is Jacqueline Clemons singing her and Nick Milo's composition, Universal World-Prayer, which sets to music the words of Adi Da:

Beloved, Inmost Heart of every heart,
do not Let our human hearts be broken
by our merely mortal suffering here —
but Make our mortal human hearts break-Free
to an unconditional love of You,
that we may, Thus, love all living beings
with Love's own True, and Truly broken, Heart.

The Bright Reality Beyond the God Ideavideo
poster: AdiDaVideos
length: 05:27
date added: January 24, 2017
language: English
views: 2500; views this month: 93; views this week: 19
In this excerpt from an Avataric Discourse, Adi Da gives a Radical and profound description of the true nature of the Divine Reality, stating that the Divine is the substance of all that arises, not the "cause" of anything, Adi Da goes on to describe how it is our own separation from that which is the very Divine, that causes the assumption of separation (and all our suffering).

This talk excerpt is followed by a clip of Darshan of Adi Da (at 4:27).

The talk excerpt is part of the longer DVD, The Divine Is Not The Cause. Subtitles in English, Spanish, French, German, Dutch, Finnish, Polish, Czech, Chinese, Japanese, and Hebrew. A CD version is also available.
Darshan   Avataric Discourse  

Darshan at Da Love-Ananda Mahalvideo
poster: JensenBellin
length: 19:58
date added: February 3, 2016
language: English
views: 1993; views this month: 37; views this week: 9
Darshan of Adi Da Samraj, at Da Love-Ananda Mahal Sanctuary.
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