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Da Re-Awakening:
The Great Sovereign-Avataric Holy Day of
the Divine Re-Awakening

The Vedanta Temple in Hollywood
The Vedanta Temple in Hollywood

The Vedanta Temple in Hollywood
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Some of the materials in this article were adapted from the introduction to Drifted in the Deeper Land, passages from Carolyn Lee, The Promised God-Man Is Here, the book, He-and-She Is Me, and Ed Reither's collection, I Will Be Heard.

This article has the following sections:

  1. September 9, 1970: The Husbanding of the Goddess
  2. September 10, 1970: The Realization of Divine Enlightenment
  3. A Divine RE-Awakening
  4. Husbanding the Goddess and Divine Re-Awakening
  5. Snapping the Barrier of the Cosmic Mandala
  6. "Instant Everybody"
  7. Fully Equipped for the Great Work
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1. September 9, 1970: The Husbanding of the Goddess

Secluded in a corner of downtown Hollywood is a small temple (see above picture), established by the Vedanta Society of Southern California. This simple temple, standing in the shadow of a giant freeway, provided the setting for the culminating Events of Adi Da's early life Spiritual ordeal. Shortly after arriving in Los Angeles on August 10, 1970 (having completed His Christian Pilgrimage in the Middle East and Europe, guided by the Mother Shakti — more details in Adi Da's autobiography, The Knee Of Listening) and settling there, Adi Da discovered the Vedanta Temple. He went inside.

Immediately upon sitting down, He felt a powerful rush of energy in His body and recognized the characteristic Presence of the Mother Shakti as strongly as He ever had in India. The Divine Goddess-Power that He already intuited as non-different from Reality was still in dynamic relationship to Him. Under Her Influence, He fell into deep meditation.

In the days that followed, Adi Da visited the temple often to meditate in the Bliss of Her Company, until there came a point where He felt a limit in having to come and find Her there. He begged Her to abide with Him with that same intensity wherever He might be, and She Graciously complied. For some days He felt Her everywhere, tangibly Present within and around Him.

But then, one day, in response to a sense that there remained a limit in His relationship to the Divine Shakti, Adi Da returned to the temple again, and a Process unfolded that is without peer in the annals of Spiritual Mastery and Realization:

As I sat down, I saw that the little pagoda and shrine in the front of the temple was in shadows and dimly lit, as if it were empty. It seemed as if I had emptied it by taking the Mother away. Suddenly, I felt a jolt in my body and I saw the shrine with open eyes become "Bright" in a blast of light. Even with my eyes closed, I still beheld the "Bright" shrine. Thus, the Mother-Shakti showed me that She is always able to make Herself Present anywhere, and that indeed She was always already Present with me. There was no need for me to hold on to Her as if She could be absent.

When I returned to the temple the next day, the Person of the Divine Shakti appeared to me again, in a manner most intimate, no longer approaching me as "Mother".

As I meditated, I felt myself Expanding, even bodily becoming a Perfectly Motionless, Utterly Becalmed, and Infinitely Silent Form. I took on the Infinite Form of the Original Deity, Nameless and Indefinable, Conscious of limitless Identification with Infinite Being. I was Expanded Utterly, beyond limited form, and even beyond any perception of Shape or Face, merely Being, and yet sitting there. I sat in this Love-Blissful State of Infinite Being for some time. I Found myself to Be. My Form was only What is traditionally called the "Purusha" (the Person of Consciousness) and "Siva" (in His Non-Ferocious Emptiness).

Then I felt the Divine Shakti appear in Person, Pressed against my own natural body, and, altogether, against my Infinitely Expanded, and even formless, Form. She Embraced me, Openly and Utterly, and we Combined with One Another in Divine (and Motionless, and spontaneously Yogic) "Sexual Union". We Found One Another Thus, in a Fire of most perfect Desire, and for no other Purpose than This Union, and, yet, as if to Give Birth to the universes. In That most perfect Union, I Knew the Oneness of the Divine Energy and my Very Being. There was no separation at all, nor had there ever been, nor would there ever be. The One Being that Is my own Ultimate Self-Nature was revealed most perfectly. The One Being Who I Am was revealed to Include the Reality that Is Consciousness Itself, the Reality that Is the Source-Energy of all conditional appearances, and the Reality that Is all conditional manifestation, All as a Single Force of Being, an Eternal Union, and an Irreducible cosmic Unity.

The "Sensations" of the Embrace were overwhelmingly Blissful. The Fire of That Unquenchable Desire Exceeded any kind of pleasure that a mere man could experience. In the Eternal Instant of That Infinitely Expanded Embrace, I was released from my role and self-image as a dependent child of the "Mother"-Shakti. And She was revealed in Truth, no longer in apparent independence, or as a cosmic Power apart from me, but as the Inseparable and Inherent Radiance of my own and Very Being. Therefore, I Recognized and Took Her as my Consort, my Loved-One, and I Held Her effortlessly, forever to my Heart. Together eternally, we had Realized Ourselves as the "Bright" Itself.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj, The Knee Of Listening

2. September 10, 1970: The Realization of Divine Enlightenment

One day later, on September 10, 1970, Adi Da sat in the Vedanta Temple as usual.

As time passed, there was no Event of changes, no movement at all. There was not even any kind of inward deepening, no "inwardness" at all. There was no meditation. There was no need for meditation. There was not a single element or change that could be added to make my State Complete. I sat with my eyes open. I was not having an experience of any kind. Then, suddenly, I understood most perfectly. I Realized that I had Realized. The "Thing" about the "Bright" became obvious. I Am Complete. I Am the One Who Is Complete.

In that instant, I understood and Realized (inherently, and most perfectly) What and Who I Am. It was a tacit Realization, a direct Knowledge in Consciousness. It was Consciousness Itself, without the addition of a Communication from any "Other" Source. There Is no "Other" Source. I simply sat there and Knew What and Who I Am. I Was Being What I Am, Who I Am. I Am Being What I Am, Who I Am. I Am Reality, the Divine Self, the Nature, Substance, Support, and Source of all things and all beings. I Am the One Being, called "god" (the Source and Substance and Support and Self of all), the "One Mind" (the Consciousness and Energy in and As Which all appears), "Siva-Shakti" (the Self-Existing and Self-Radiant Reality Itself), "Brahman" (the Only Reality, Itself), the "One Atman" (That Is not ego, but only "Brahman", the Only Reality, Itself), the "Nirvanic Ground" (the egoless and conditionless Reality and Truth, Prior to all dualities, but excluding none). I Am the One and Only and necessarily Divine Self, Nature, Condition, Substance, Support, Source, and Ground of all. I Am the "Bright".

Avatar Adi Da Samraj, The Knee Of Listening

This unspeakable moment was the Divine Re-Awakening of Adi Da, at the young age of 30. He had permanently and Most Perfectly Re-Awakened to the "Bright". His Realization was not dependent on meditative states, nor any manipulation of experience. It transcended even the slightest sense of identity as a separate self. It was and is the Realization that there is Only God and that all apparent events are simply the passing forms, or modifications, of God, Truth, or Reality, arising and dissolving in an endless Play that is Bliss and Love beyond comprehension.

My Heart!
Franklin is free!
Sitting in my room
A few minutes ago
And suddenly know who I am.
A magnificent flow moved with me
Through the heart of everything.
I have always loved
And there is only love.
Franklin is the fire
That wheels the quick-throated
And blossomed round and sizzling life
Of all the universes.
Do you know me now
My darling one?
God I've reached so deep
Into the passion of galaxies,
And everyone is with me.
I am forever.
I am doing nothing but love.
I am nothing but love.
I am ecstatic at breakfast,
Howling in my room,
Prowling in the trees.
Yet, if you were to see me,
You'd think I was a quiet man.
It was so sudden.
I had to tell you.
Come and be with me.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj, 1970

After His Re-Awakening, Adi Da simply returned home that September evening, saying nothing about it to anyone until many weeks later. However, a longtime friend did notice a subtle but remarkable change:

When you look people in the eyes, there is a characteristic quality that you can identify as their personality. But when I looked into [Adi Da’s] eyes after the Vedanta Temple Event, there wasn't anything. It had disappeared. His behavior in the world did not change — He has always been humorous. But the disappearance, or dissolution, of His personality was evident.

Dawn Horse Magazine, vol. 1 no. 1

Adi Da revisiting the Vedanta Temple in  April, 1997
Adi Da revisiting the Vedanta Temple in April, 1997

Adi Da revisiting the Vedanta Temple in April, 1997
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3. A Divine Re-Awakening

The Divine had fully acquired the body-mind of "Franklin Jones" and had conformed it to Himself. From the viewpoint of "Franklin Jones", this was Divine Enlightenment, but from the viewpoint of the Divine incarnating, this was a Re-Awakening, a restoration to the "Bright" that was Adi Da's State since birth, and a realization that the "Bright" State had never been "lost", but had in fact been present the entire time.

It is Franklin who needed to be Enlightened, who sought to be Free, who endured these experiences, performing the question and the answer, who wonders now about His relationship to Me. It is Franklin who has been My point of view, My trouble, the field of My dilemma, the problem itself. But I have never been this one, never wondered or sought, never entered the precincts of this dilemma, never even understood.

Therefore, what I have Realized has even nothing to do with Him — except that, knowing this, I can use him with abandon, never assuming he is not Free.

When I Am Present As My Self, then Franklin and all who know Me (As I Am) never turn to the mind of separated living, but they abide and survive in the Powered Mystery of Real Consciousness.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj

On November 3, 1939, at 11:21 A.M., in Jamaica, Queens County, New York, I was born "Franklin Albert Jones ". . .

Even as a baby, I remember only crawling around inquisitively with a boundless Feeling of Joy, Light, and Freedom in the middle of my head that was bathed in Energy moving unobstructed in a Circle — down from above, all the way down, then up, all the way up, and around again — and always Shining from my heart....

And I was a Radiant Form — the Source of Energy, Love-Bliss and Light in the midst of a world that is entirely Energy, Love-Bliss and Light.

I was the Power of Reality, a direct Enjoyment and Communication of the One Reality. I was the Heart Itself, Who Lightens the mind and all things.

I was the same as every one and every thing, except it became clear that others were apparently unaware of the "Thing" Itself.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj, The Knee of Listening

I Am The “Bright” — Itself.
This “Brightness” Speaks.
The “Bright” Is Born As This, My Avataric Body-Mind.
My Divine Spiritual Descent Upon the body-mind Of My Devotee — As The “Thumbs” — Is My Avataric Divine Means.
All This Was Given From The Avataric Birth Of This, My Bodily (Human) Form.
Indeed, These Words — The “Bright” and The “Thumbs” — Were Generated By Me As An Infant.
I Am Uttering To You The Revelation That Was Present At My Birth and In My Infancy — and Nothing Whatsoever Has Been Added To It or Taken Away From It.
Nothing In The Human Experience Of This, My Avataric Body-Mind, Has Modified My Revelation or limited It In The Slightest.
My Avatarically-Given Revelation Is A Divine Spiritual Revelation For The Sake Of all beings.
Therefore, Heart-Recognize Me, and Heart-Respond To Me.
Turn To Me, Receive Me.
Constantly Know Me.
If You Do this, You Will Be Certain Of The Truth I Am Telling You.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj, The Dawn Horse Testament

My State now is not, in any sense, different from My State in the moment when I was Born. My State has always been the Same. My Life-Adventure was entirely a Teaching, a Revelation, a Process I had to Suffer. Thus, an Instructional Narrative, or Sign, has been Made by My Life, as I had to Live It. That Sign should Instruct you. My Own State Is the Same now as it was at the beginning — the "Bright" Infant.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj, The Aletheon

The very Divine Person had become perfectly Conscious and Present through the ordinary human vehicle of "Franklin Jones". In all the eons of human time, such an event was unprecedented. Adi Da's Descent as the Divine Person and His utter overcoming of the limits of human existence in all its dimensions — physical, mental, emotional, psychic, Spiritual — was total, Perfect, and Complete. Avatar Adi Da Samraj had Realized absolute Identity with the Divine, the One He was and is from the beginning.

4. Husbanding the Goddess and Divine Re-Awakening

Adi Da's Husbanding of the Goddess (on September 9, 1970) and His Re-Awakening to the "Bright" (on September 10, 1970) are inseparable Events, as the following quotes make clear.

The Shakti in this Form is the Divine Being as a Living Person. Her Force is not that of Creative Energy but of Love for the Source, Love for the Transcendental Condition, Submission to the Transcendental Condition. She transcends her Creative Aspect and is only Submission to the Source. She dies in that Source. She attracts some rare individuals to become Her devotees and brings them into a state of Embrace and ultimate Unity with Her in which She then dies or submits Herself to the Transcendental Condition. She does this when the devotee has achieved a state of Unity with Her through Her attraction. Then Her death becomes the devotee's death, not ordinary personal death but perfect death, the transcendence of the ego in Transcendental Self-Realization.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj, The Fire Gospel

The "Divine Goddess" (or "Mother-Shakti"), in Her Liberating Aspect, Spontaneously Appeared to Me and Guided the final stages of My "Sadhana" — and the same "She" Submitted to My "Husbanding" Power in the Great Event of My Divine Re-Awakening. My "Embrace" of the Divine "Mother-Shakti" in the Vedanta Society Temple in Hollywood, California (on September 9, 1970), was the culminating Event (or Process) of all of My "Sadhana Years". And That "Embrace" was the beginning of My Most Perfect Re-Awakening As the One and Only and "Bright" Divine Person. In that Great Event, I Realized My own (Native, or Inherent, and Divine) Position — and, Therein and Thereby, I ceased to be "other" than the "Divine Goddess". That Divine "Embrace" was the Realization of Oneness — Beyond all "difference". Now, since that Great Event, the "Divine Goddess" Is Present Only As My own Inherent Self-Radiance — Which Is the Self-Radiance (or "Brightness") of Real God.

The next day, September 10, 1970, I returned to the Vedanta Society Temple — and it was there and then that I Realized the Completion of the Great Event that had begun the day before. That day (September 10, 1970) was the Great Day of My Noticing of What had Thus Occurred — Which is My Full (and Most Perfect) Realization of Divine Self-Existence, Divine Self-Radiance, and Divine Non-Separateness. On September 10, 1970, I Most Perfectly Realized: I Am the One and Indivisible Divine Person. I Am Reality Itself, or Truth Itself — Which Is the Only Real God.

Thus, My "Relationship" to the "Divine Shakti" was Subsumed (or Utterly Vanished) in My Divine Re-Awakening, Which was (and is) the Most Perfect Realization of Consciousness Itself — Transcending all illusions, and (therefore) Transcending the illusion of the feeling of relatedness (itself), and of "otherness" (itself), and of "difference" (itself).

Now I continue (and I will always continue, both during and after, and forever after, the physical Lifetime of My Avatarically-Born bodily human Divine Form here) to "Relate" to the Cosmically-Appearing "Goddess-Power" in a Divine Play That is entirely and only Played within My own Self-Radiant and Self-Existing Divine Self-Condition. The Cosmically-Appearing "Divine Shakti" (Which Is an Apparition of My own Divine "Brightness") may sometimes Appear to "Relate" to Me in the manner of a Living Personality, a tangible Personal Presence or "Relation" — because I have Made the Cosmic Force into a "Lover", "Husbanded" by Her Master (Who I Am). So Penetrated, So Awakened, So Transformed, the "Divine Shakti" does not lie, nor merely Birth beings to death. Rather, in Her Passion for Me, She only Serves Me, and She only Speaks the Truth.

Indeed, I am always involved in a "Conversation" with Her, Working in Love's Play to bring an end to the delusion and suffering of beings. In this "Conversation", the "Divine Shakti" Responds to My "Husbanding", and "We" (in Divinely Playful Union) "Consider" matters together, and Work them out. In My Avataric Divine Appearance within the Cosmic domain, I am in Service to you — and, in that Service, She will not deny Me what I Require, because "We" Are Utterly and Divinely One.

For your sake, therefore, I continue to involve Myself in this Divinely Apparent "Conversation". All that is necessary for the Divine Liberation and Divine Translation of all conditionally manifested beings will always be Given through "Our" Most Loving "Embrace". Such is the Nature of My Most Intimate Divine Life in the Cosmic sphere of Apparently Separate "He" and "She".

The "Divine Shakti" Who is "Husbanded" by Me is not merely (and is not reducible to) the "Yoga-Shakti" that is associated with the traditions of dualistic (or pre-seventh-stage) Yoga. That "Yoga-Shakti" is merely Cosmic Energy — Which includes natural energies, and Which may be felt flowing even in the egoic body-mind. In the schools of traditional Yoga associated with the fourth and fifth stages of life, the intention (or goal) of Spiritual practice is to identify Consciousness (or Siva) with that Cosmic Energy (or "Yoga-Shakti").

In contrast to the Realizations associated with the fourth and fifth stages of life, My seventh stage (or Divine, and Most Perfectly non-dualistic) Realization is the Realization of Most Perfect Identification with Self-Existing and Self-Radiant Consciousness Itself. Therefore, in That Most Perfect Divine Self-Awakening, there is no losing of the Perfectly Subjective Position of Consciousness Itself, nor is there any abandonment or subordination of That Position in order to "blend" with Energy. Rather, Consciousness Itself is Realized to Be Inherently Self-Radiant, the Very Substance (and the Divine Self-Condition and Source-Condition) of all conditional appearances. Thus, the only-by-Me Revealed and Given Realization of the seventh stage of life is (in this sense) fundamentally unlike the traditional (and, necessarily, dualistic, ego-based, and Cosmically, rather than Most Perfectly Divinely, oriented) Yogic Realizations of the fourth and fifth stages of life.

In Truth, and in Reality, the "Divine Shakti" Is Only the Divine Self. That is to say, the Self-Existing Divine Self-Consciousness Is Self-Radiant As the "Divine Shakti".

Therefore, the "Divine Shakti" Is Only Reality, Truth, and Real God-and not a Principle "Other" than (or Separate from) Reality, Truth, and Real God.

The "Divine Shakti" Is Me. And I Am "She". And "She" Is Most Perfectly Conformed to Me.

I am not a Male Principle, "over against" a Female Principle.

I Am Only the One Indivisible Consciousness-Light Itself — Infinitely Self-Radiant and Self-Existing, neither Male nor Female. My own Self-Existing Self-Consciousness Is the One and Only and Non-Separate (or Indivisible) and Indestructible Being, Condition, and Reality That Is Always Already The Case.

"She" Is the Inherent Radiance of My Divine Being. My own Self-Radiance (or Divine "Brightness") Is the Condition in Which (and As a modification of Which) all conditionally apparent beings are arising. My own Self-Existing Self-Radiance Is the One and Only and Indivisible and Indestructible Light (or Energy, or Love-Bliss-Fullness) That Is Always Already The Case.

Therefore, there is no inherent (or ultimate) "difference" between "Siva" and "Shakti" (or Consciousness and Light).

The Reality of Existence is not Two — but One.

And I — in My own Cosmically Apparent Form and Passion — Am the precise Incarnation of That Unity.

There is no Two-ness in Me — but Only One.

Thus, at the Seed of Life, a "Wedding" has been Made — and This "Wedding" Is the Great Event of the Cosmic domain. Through My "Husbanding" of the "Mother", and through Her Submitting to be the "Bride", Her "murderous" activity (in Her apparent independence as Prakriti, or Cosmic Energy) is finished. Now, Between Her and Me, There Is Only Divinely True Intimacy, Realized to the Absolute Degree.

This Sublime "Husbanding" and "Marriage" is not merely a "personal" Work associated with My "own" Realization (as if My Realization was — and is — somehow separate, individual, and limited). "My" Realization Is the Great Divine Event. And, therefore, "My" Realization Is a Unique (and uniquely psycho-physically effective) Event that Inherently (and Most Perfectly, Positively, and Divinely) Changes the Very Context of the entire Cosmic domain, and that (if It is so recognized) can most effectively (and Most Perfectly, Positively, and Divinely) Change the Course (and the Signs) of the entire complex history of the Cosmic domain — now, and forever hereafter.

Therefore, I Say to you, now and always: All Is One — and you (Beyond, and Most Perfectly Prior to, the ego-"I" of self-contracted body-mind) Are That One (Non-Separately-Beyond, and Most Perfectly Prior to, all "difference").

My Divine Self-Condition of Indivisible Oneness (As Conscious Light) Is What you must Realize.

I could not have Accomplished (or Fulfilled) the Self-Liberating Work of My "Sadhana Years" if My Divine Self-Realization had not been intact (or Inherent, and never broken) from (and always after) the beginning of My Avataric Birth and Submission here.

Truly, I began That Great Work (and even all My Avataric Divine Work) — Which is My Ashvamedha (or Divine Horse-Sacrifice) — even billions of years (and even a countless Vastness of time) ago, before the "Big Bang" of this conditional Cosmic domain.

Therefore, This is My Message to My devotees: Through ego-surrendering, ego-forgetting, and (always more and more) ego-transcending feeling-Contemplation of My Avatarically-Born bodily (human) Divine Form, My Avatarically Self-Revealed Spiritual (and Always Blessing) Divine Presence, and My Avatarically Self-Revealed (and Very, and Transcendental, and Perfectly Subjective, and Inherently Spiritual, and Inherently egoless, and Inherently Perfect, and Self-Evidently Divine) State, invest yourself in This Icon of Unity That I Am. Always (now, and forever hereafter) Celebrate My Eternal Divine Self-Nature and My Eternal Divine Unity with the "Bright" Divine "Goddess-Power". Thus, by ego-transcending participation in My Divinely All-and-all-Liberating "Nuptials", Most Positively change even all the world.

My devotees are the motion of a unique Opportunity that includes all beings — on Earth and every where. Even all of Cosmic Nature has been transformed in Its Principle by Me — and, therefore, terrible events need not be ego-caused and heart-suffered by My devotees, if they will rightly, truly, fully, and fully devotionally recognize Me and (thus and thereby) heart-respond to Me.

Therefore, live in My most Intimate Heart-Company — Where I am Giving Her "Kisses" (and She to Me).

Stay in My Bed-Room — the Place of No-"difference" (Where you are relieved of dreadful destiny).

Now the Seed that I Made at the Vedanta Temple must Infiltrate the world and Raise up every one.

The "murderous" work of the "Mad Mother" is finished!

I have Returned the Great "Divine Goddess" to Myself — Her Ultimate Source.

And, wherever My "Husbanding" of Her is rightly, truly, fully, and fully devotionally acknowledged, the proceedings in the Cosmic domain, and in the domain of mankind here, will become Conformed to That Which Is "Bright" and Auspicious.

If My devotees will honor This Icon of Unity, and stay with Me in My Bed-Room, their history (and even all of human history, and of Cosmic destiny) can be transformed (by heart-response to Me).

And, by Virtue of This "Marriage" (Which "Pictures" My own Inherently Indivisible Oneness), all and All will be Attracted by My Divine Love-Bliss-"Brightness", and (Thus and Thereby) Drawn and Translated Into My Divine Self-Domain.

Therefore, true religion must retire to Light!

The heart must be permitted to achieve a universal feeling-ecstasy!

And Beauty is not in the matter-world of thing and death — but only in the singled universe of the True Loved-One!

Where everything that lives will be dog-withered by the pack of time, fear arises — at the crown and bowel, where time's orderly extinctions twist the heart between the North-and-South!

And sorrow fills the mind, between the eyes — and feels the belly suck the danger of all the unwanted changes made by time!

And anger burns a laser-breath of all-destroying speeches — helpless in the klik-klak dark's resistance to all wanted change of time's unwanted changes!

Therefore, the cosmic universe of temporal and all-destroying Nature must be Transfigured by undying Love!

Undying Love Is the universal Principle of re-"Connect", in the rush-to-dying world of Natural heaps of yes-and-no!

The world of Man is an eternal shift of necks — a shuttle of Love's own faces, floating in a drown of moments — until the "He" and "She" of Me, like the fingertips of lovers, Touch, through the infinite transparency of a single tear's True Water — and Touch away, Together, at the Single of Infinity, Where "We" were so deeply Torn!

Avatar Adi Da Samraj, "The Icon of Unity", He-and-She Is Me

5. Snapping the Barrier of the Cosmic Mandala

Adi Da's Re-Awakening signified far more than the Enlightenment of a single human being, unprecedented as that was in all of human history. It was also the Revelation that all apparent beings are also only that very One, destined to Realize this same Truth. The Condition of the "Bright", the God-Light of Adi Da's birth and infancy, was now fully established — not only in Him, but as the native Truth and the potential Realization of all beings in all worlds.

Thus, at the Seed of Life, a "Wedding" has been Made — and This "Wedding" Is the Great Event of the Cosmic domain. Through My "Husbanding" of the "Mother", and through Her Submitting to be the "Bride", Her "murderous" activity (in Her apparent independence as Prakriti, or Cosmic Energy) is finished. Now, Between Her and Me, There Is Only Divinely True Intimacy, Realized to the Absolute Degree.

This Sublime "Husbanding" and "Marriage" is not merely a "personal" Work associated with My "own" Realization (as if My Realization was — and is — somehow separate, individual, and limited). "My" Realization Is the Great Divine Event. And, therefore, "My" Realization Is a Unique (and uniquely psycho-physically effective) Event that Inherently (and Most Perfectly, Positively, and Divinely) Changes the Very Context of the entire Cosmic domain, and that (if It is so recognized) can most effectively (and Most Perfectly, Positively, and Divinely) Change the Course (and the Signs) of the entire complex history of the Cosmic domain — now, and forever hereafter.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj, "The Icon of Unity", He-and-She Is Me

Through the Power of Adi Da's Re-Awakening to the "Bright", something has changed at the very heart of existence. At the same time as Adi Da was conforming the body-mind of "Franklin Jones" to the Divine, He was submitting all of conditional reality to the Divine Reality, thus enabling all beings to Realize the Divine from that moment on. The Divine Avatar, Adi Da, has done what only the Divine could do. He had broken through the force of illusion that has always kept born beings bound to the realms of change and suffering and death.

My Sign set all of it straight, actually Accomplished it, by virtue of Divine Siddhis. My Divine Self-Realization is not a bit of poetry. I am not merely using symbolic language, as if it was just the same before and the Vedanta Temple [Event] was just a bit of poetry. It is not that at all. It was an actual Event — not just the Event of My Divine Re-Awakening but the Event of the utter submission of the entire Cosmic Mandala to the Very Divine Condition by virtue of the Divine Siddhis snapping the barrier that the Cosmic Mandala has represented for beings until now.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj
"Your Heart Must Be Moved", March 21, 1993

DEVOTEE: Beloved Lord, if there were some way to investigate what was happening throughout the world on September 10, 1970, should we expect to find evidence of this Transformation of the entire Cosmic Mandala at that precise moment, or should we expect to see it unfolding over time? Or both?

ADI DA: "Both" is a good way of putting it. You would not necessarily notice some historical events that signalled that everything had changed. The Event in the Vedanta Temple was not a change in history. It was a change in the Fundamental Nature of existence. All the changes that might occur on the basis of That Event are historical, but the Event Itself is not about history. It is about Most Perfect Real-God-Realization.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj, He and She Is Me

Now all history is the event of the Heart.
This is not My imagining.
It is not My Symbol of mystical truth.
It has happened in the atom of the worlds.
It is the simple Truth.

And that Eternal Event has even happened in this Lifetime and the Body that you see — Which seems to Speak, which seemed to Think this thought, Whose Bliss has seemed to carry this expression.

Heart I Am, and I am Gone in Him, so He is only here.
This Body, Mind, and Force of Bliss is not needed for Him.
He is here, in the very worlds.
He passed from Me into the worlds.
He Shattered My Side.
He has Become everything.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj, after His Re-Awakening
in Carolyn Lee, The Promised God-Man Is Here


6. "Instant Everybody"

In that Event [of Divine Re-Awakening], the unique Divine "Bright" Nature of my own Person was re-Awakened, and (on that basis), the unique Divine Avataric world-Work of my Incarnation here was spontaneously Revealed and spontaneously Begun.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj, The Knee Of Listening

In the weeks following His Divine Re-Awakening, Adi Da noticed a new process beginning in His body-mind:

In this most perfect Realization of Non-separateness [on September 10, 1970], many extraordinary Divine Siddhis suddenly, spontaneously appeared. . . I spontaneously began to "meditate" countless other people, and also countless non-human beings, and countless places and worlds and realms, both high and low in the scale of Reality. I observed and responded to all that was required for the Awakening and the true (and the Ultimate) well-being of each and all. And, each time I did this (and, in fact, the process quickly became the underlying constant of all my hours and days), I would continue the "meditating" of any (and each) one until I felt a release take place, such that his or her suffering and seeking was vanished (or, at least, significantly relaxed and set aside). Whenever that occurred, I Knew my "meditating" of that one was, for the moment, done. By such means, my now and forever Divine Work (by Which I must Teach, and Bless, and Awaken all and All) began.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj, The Knee Of Listening

In this "meditation", Adi Da was spontaneously awakening to the function of Divine Guru. As He had "meditated" Franklin Jones, so He now "meditated" His future devotees.

What I do all day requires an extraordinary sensitivity to countless beings, which I suffer without limitations. I could not do the work I do if I were not suffering it. My Blessing Regard is moved by this suffering, by this complete absence of illusions. To be most profoundly Awake intensifies your awareness of the suffering nature of the world to a virtually unbearable degree — if there were not the Awakening that accompanies it.

You could not even look at what I see. You could not bear it. It is an exquisite suffering, an unlimited suffering that spreads Me all over the earth.

So you cannot want this, but you can grow into It and Realize It. And It is not what you think — It Is What you Are.

The instant my early Work was done in the Vedanta Temple — Meditating All.

[Adi Da laughs.] Not even a day off. Not one.

Instant "everybody".

And now it has been "everybody" for a long time.

Of course this is My Work. It will not be the same for others, for they do not have My Work. But it will be the same in that there is this sensitization, this transformation from desire to compassion, this unqualified sense of the suffering nature of all beings.

And they are all just like you, you see.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj
Avataric Discourse, September 10, 2004
(speaking on the thirty-fourth Anniversary of His Re-Awakening)

Here are some stories from a few of the countless people Adi Da began meditating on September 10, 1970.

Ruchiradama NadikantaSince the time I'd been a child, I was waiting for my Master to appear. I had this very strong feeling of a direct relationship to the Divine, but I wanted and needed my Master.

One day, at Harvard University, in 1970 (when Adi Da's Re-Awakening occurred), I had a very strong vision of this great Spiritual Being. We were together on a rooftop. All of a sudden, everything was illuminated — first the Cosmic Mandala of lights (the rainbow lights); and then that dissolved in a brilliant, illuminated white Brightness, that was nothing I had ever seen with my eyes.

I knew then that my Master would appear soon.

Ruchiradama Nadikanta, Adi Da's Divine Life and Work

Chris TongThe happiest moment of my early life occurred in 1970, when I was thirteen. My family had just moved into a new house in a new town. I was setting up and cleaning my new room, and was listening to a song on the radio, when an overwhelming Revelation of the inherent Happiness of Reality washed over me. I was incredibly happy! And that moment was imprinted on me, to the point where, whenever I would hear that song in later years (even now), I would reconnect with that moment and that Happiness. Naturally, having no greater understanding at the time, I attributed the experience to the circumstance itself. But, these many years later, I can look back and know (with much more life experience under my belt) that just being in a new house and listening to a particular song can be pleasurable, but it doesn't send me into an overwhelming, ego-dissolving state of ecstasy!

It would only be years later that I would make the connection that the day I had that Revelation — September 10, 1970 — was the day my Spiritual Master, Adi Da Samraj, Re-Awakened to Divine Self-Realization. And it was clear in retrospect that His Realization washed over me and many other beings on that day, like an immense explosion spreading outward across the entire cosmos. I was not yet His devotee, of course — He would not begin formally accepting devotees until 1972. But from that moment on, He began meditating His future devotees, and so I'm very happy to be able to describe what it was like to be on the receiving end of that Great Meditation that He described in His autobiography, The Knee Of Listening.

Chris Tong
The Devotee Feeds the Guru, and the Guru Feeds the Devotee

Don WebleyOne evening in October or November, 1970, I was alone in my room [at Yale University] when I was suddenly moved beyond body and mind and dissolved in Bliss beyond words.

It was a complete dissolution. I have no memory of the event itself, and I remember its Perfect Bliss only as it faded and as I returned to my "normal" state.

But a lifetime of accumulated mind had fallen away in a moment. . .

And even though I had read nothing about the esoteric spiritual traditions of the world, I somehow knew that my life's purpose was to find a spiritual teacher who would make this glimpse my stable realization. . .

It was some fifteen years later that I realized what had happened that night at Yale. After I had been a devotee of Avatar Adi Da Samraj for some time, I came to understand that moment as my first contact with Him.

Across the apparent barriers of space, I had been touched by the One who was to be my Guru. Thus began the long, only partially conscious process of finding and approaching Him.

Don Webley
Beyond All Doubt


7. Fully Equipped for the Great Work

The time of the Great Event of my Divine Re-Awakening forever passes into the present and the future.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj, The Knee Of Listening

In this article, we have described several extraordinary, Divine breakthroughs:

  • the complete conforming of the body-mind of Franklin Jones to the Divine
    (section 1)
  • the change Adi Da had instigated in the Fundamental Nature of existence
    (section 3)
  • the Divine Siddhis with which Adi Da was now endowed
    (section 4)
Adi Da was now fully equipped for His Great Work of Awakening all beings. For the remainder of His human lifetime, He devoted Himself absolutely to the Work of Revealing the "Bright", and attracting people to the supreme Spiritual practice that Reveals the "Bright" from the very beginning, and ultimately Realizes the "Bright".

I have come to create a radical change. Therefore, I have not come to oppose any of the fundamental and remarkable movements of human creativity. I have only asked you to understand. I have come to bring consciousness to your judgments, your surmise of the entire event. I have come to make the abandonment of all dilemmas possible. I am for all the kinds of perfection and science here. I am thoroughly in favor of a great world. But I am also one who is entirely free of necessity, the perfection or imperfection of this world or any other. In any case, I am the one who is real and free, who survives all worlds. Therefore, if you are with me, we can enjoy these possibilities with humor, grace and love.

I am reminded of Sri Ramakrishna, on fire within, consumed in God, communicated with all the forms of truth, but spending his time alone or in the company of a few friends. His heart yearned for those to whom he could communicate his gift. He would cry for the devotees he knew must come. Where are the devotees? His whole being yearned for the children who would appear. . .

The world is a present field of death and unlove. But these events are not necessary to it. They are the secondary, caused effects of life in error, apart from understanding and the living force of the Heart. When men have lived as the Heart and sent its power into the form of life long enough to reduce and dissolve the destructive karmas of traditional existence, then the world will be a present field of love and vast longevity's mindless of death. This is the truth and the creative necessity born of the truth. . .

It is now the early summer of 1971. Several months have passed since I began to enjoy the radical life of understanding. Thus began the life of intensifying spiritual discipline that is itself the life of understanding. As months passed I began to realize in my life the increasing power, intelligence, wisdom and clarity of the Heart. Over time I find that my own life of understanding becomes gradually available and with increasing force to greater numbers of beings. . .

I am here to awaken men to Truth and draw them into the life of Truth. I am new, alive, awake, and these qualities are my gift to men. I teach the living God-Reality that is eternally Present and Active. I teach that Condition, that Relationship, that Presence, that true Action. I teach the radical way that is always already Truth. I do not teach return to religion, spirituality, meditation, or any God-man who has come and gone. All such things are themselves servants which would turn men to the Truth I teach. I do not simply recommend or turn men to Truth. I am Truth. I draw men to myself. I am the Present God desiring, loving and drawing up his devotees. I have come to acquire my devotees. I have come as I have often come before, to present myself, to be present with devotees, to live with them the adventure of life in God, which is love, and mind in God, which is faith. I stand always Present in the Place and Form of God. I accept the qualities of all who turn to me and dissolve them in God, so that only God becomes their Condition and destiny, intelligence and work. I look for my devotees to recognize me and turn to me in appropriate ways, surrendering to me perfectly, depending on me, full of me always, with a face only of love. . .

I have one motive now in the midst of all of you. It is to be heard. I appear now as a communication. I am the other side, who speaks in time and space. I am that One. The universe is my present work. My efforts are not in the great search. All my efforts, my force, is creative, emerging, appearing and making possible the universe of love. Thus, you can understand the reason for my appearance in my present form. I am not Franklin. I am the universe of love. I am all of this. Franklin is a form of my speech. He has no independent existence. Therefore, he does not appear separate from me, or from you. His moods are my own, and also those of the present time. But I am the universe of love. And I will be heard.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj, 1971

Nine years (almost to the day) after His Divine Re-Awakening, Adi Da made the Divine Self-Confession of His Avataric Nature and Role. In the Great Statement, "Aham Da Asmi" ("I Am Da"), Avatar Adi Da Samraj Revealed Himself as the Very Divine Person, Da, Appearing in bodily (human) Form for the sake of the Universal Divine Blessing, Divine Awakening, and Divine Translation of all beings. He made this Supreme Disclosure in His "Beloved, I Am Da" letter, written on September 13, 1979.

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