Death Is Not the End of Anything (video)

This is track 7 of the 8-part series, Death and the Purpose of Existence:
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Death Is Not the End of Anything   This is an excerpt from Adi Da's talk, "Death Is Not The End Of Anything", on January 14, 1995 at Adi Da Samrasjashram. This talk appears as a chapter in Adi Da's book, Easy Death.

Adi Da: "You cannot get in touch with Reality Itself (or Truth Itself) without dying in the sense of relinquishing the egoic self. Most people think they will do that at the end of the physical lifetime. They do not deal with Reality (or Truth) in life, yet they imagine they will deal with It at death. They will not if they have not dealt with It while alive. They will not want Reality (or Truth) in death any more than they wanted it while they lived. To Realize Reality Itself, 'you', the ego, must die because 'you' is a knot, a gesture, an act of separating from Reality. What is called 'you' is an action of dissociation from Reality. I call it 'the ego', 'the self-contraction'. It avoids Reality."

This excerpt is track 7 of the CD, Death and the Purpose of Existence, a collection of talks and recitations that exemplify Avatar Adi Da's essential Wisdom-Teaching on death and dying.

The album is available through iTunes, Microsoft, and The Dawn Horse Press.

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Death and dying. For more about Adi Da's wisdom about near-death experiences, what happens after death, how to serve the dying process, how to live life so as to ensure an "easy death", and more, visit our section, Easy Death and our blog, Death And Dying Wisdom.
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Event Date: January 14, 1995
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