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No One Like Me Has Appeared In This Place Beforevideo
disc two, track 1 of After My Lifetime

poster: CDBaby
length: 01:03
date added: November 6, 2018
event date: August 12, 1982
language: English
views: 255; views this month: 39; views this week: 8
This is Poem 24 from Adi Da's book of poetry, Crazy Da Must Sing—Inclined to His Weaker Side. It was recited by Adi Da on August 12, 1982, at Da Love-Ananda Mahal in Kauai, Hawaii.

No one like me has appeared in this place before.
Am I only to live and die,
and thus feed the earth?
Should I only live and die,
and thus create the mystery of a holy ground?
Will generations pass this place
of my dilemmas,
feel the movements under foot
and never know the reasons
and the meaning
of the currents of bliss that fill them?
Will the earth itself
perform my only shout?
Will the rot of my few bodies
be my only song?
Will no one understand?
Will all of this,
even the holy ground,
fall unknown into the sea,
without a parcel of my living left
to heal the feet of pilgrims?
No one else can suffer the mysteries of my birth
or death.
And only my own children
can build a temple
where I rise and fall.

This recitation is disc two, track 1 of the double-CD, After My Lifetime, an exceptional collection of Adi Da’s Instruction covering the significance of His Divine Mahasamadhi (the passing of His physical Body), the ever-present Gift of the direct relationship to Him, and the never-ending Nature of His Work to Bless and Awaken all beings.

The album is available through iTunes and The Dawn Horse Press. For more about this double CD, read this special Adidam Revelation Magazine article.

The entire August 12, 1982 occasion where Adi Da recited all the poems from Crazy Da Must Sing can be heard on this CD.

Note: This video may not be playable in every country. However, sometimes, even when you can't play it on this page, you may be able to play it on YouTube: click here.
CD   poem  

The Dreaded Gom-Boovideo
poster: TheBeezone
length: 16:15
date added: November 5, 2017
event date: September 9, 1982
language: English
views: 1656; views this month: 24; views this week: 2
"The Dreaded Gom-Boo, or the Imaginary Disease That Religion Seeks to Cure" was the primary talk given by Adi Da at Da Love-Ananda Mahal (in Kauai, Hawaii) during a period of His Work with devotees (September 9, 1982 - February 4, 1983) that focused on renunciation. Many of the talks and essays from this period were included in a book by the same name, The Dreaded Gom-Boo.

This audio begins with a testimonial from one of the devotees who participated in the "Dreaded Gom-Boo" gatherings with Adi Da. The actual talk begins at 1:25.

The focus of this talk is a startling and humorous insight: All religion seeks to cure us of an unreal disease, which Adi Da humorously calls the "Dreaded Gom-Boo". This disease is our constant presumption that we have somehow "fallen from Grace" and are in need of the salvatory "cure" of religious belief.

Adi Da uproots this religious conceit and illusion by confessing (based on His Own Realization) that we are always already present and alive in and as Divine Being. The "good news" of Adi Da's Way is that, in present Communion with the Divine (made available through Adi Da's Spiritual Transmission), we need not seek to be cured, but must only feel, observe, understand, and renounce the very activity of seeking itself, and thus be restored to our native Happiness and Freedom. This insightful, liberating message cuts through thousands of years of religious and mystical dogma and beliefs by revealing a radical spiritual way eminently suited to the needs of modern men and women.

The Presumption of Beingvideo
track 4 of Science and the Myth of Materialism

poster: CDBaby
length: 10:28
date added: March 13, 2017
event date: August 30, 1982
language: English
views: 1784; views this month: 21; views this week: 3
This audio excerpt is from "Tell Me True - Have You Got the Gom-Boo?", a talk given by Adi Da on August 30, 1982. The talk appears as Chapter 2 in Adi Da's book, The Dreaded Gom-Boo.

Adi Da: "The presumption of being [the presumption of one's own existence] is not made on the basis of [scientific observations of nature]. . . The force of being itself is self-authenticating.. . . The Consciousness that is single is not evident in the body. . . In the profundity of the research into that presumption of being (rather than the mechanical associations of it), we realize - intuitively, directly - the Being that is to be presumed to be ultimately associated with all of nature."

This excerpt is also track 4 of the CD, Science and the Myth of Materialism, a collection of talks from throughout the 30 years of Avatar Adi Da’s formal Teaching-Work that brings together samples from His vast Divine Instruction relative to the psycho-physical nature of the world, the limits of scientific materialism, and the Inherent Unity of Existence.

The album is available through iTunes, Microsoft, and The Dawn Horse Press.

Note: This video may not be available or viewable in every country.

The Cosmic Mandalavideo
poster: CDBaby
length: 09:20
date added: October 31, 2015
event date: July 11, 1982
language: English
views: 1741; views this month: 13; views this week: 4
"The Cosmic Mandala" is a talk from 1982 in which Adi Da describes the Cosmic Mandala and how it is experienced and "seen" in the death process.

This excerpt from the talk is track 4 of the CD, The Cosmic Mandala, which is available through The Dawn Horse Press.

The transcript of this talk appears in the book, Easy Death.

Adi Da's Instruction is a means to understand the phenomena in the death process and to, by His Grace, transcend the mechanism of attention by which we remain bound to the limitation of experience.

Note: This video may not be available in every country.
CD   death  

The Cosmic Mandalaaudio
poster: AdidamRevelationMagazine
length: 06:09
date added: November 23, 2013
event date: 1982
language: English
listens: 2746; listens this month: 20; listens this week: 2
In this 1982 talk (available on the CD, The Cosmic Mandala), Adi Da speaks about what is required — in the death process, and in life — in order to transcend the mechanism of attention and Realize the Divine Self-Condition.

In this talk excerpt, Adi Da tells us that, to Realize permanent Happiness, we can make use of the natural motivation toward release from un-happiness.

In the death process, He recommends engaging the discipline of relaxation and release of the hold on body, mind, and all states of attention, thereby surrendering and transcending fear.
death   CD  

The Baptism of Immortal Happinessaudio
poster: AdiDaUpClose
length: 05:46
date added: July 13, 2013
event date: December 17, 1982
language: English
listens: 4332; listens this month: 26; listens this week: 2
At Da Love-Ananda Mahal, on December 17, 1982, Adi Da gives the talk, "The Baptism of Immortal Happiness".

"The ego is such a heavy grip, such a clench on the Divine Light, that Spiritual experience through Spiritual Transmission in life does not amount to much for most people. They cannot make it part of their existence. This is why I expect My devotees to prepare themselves by listening to and then hearing My Wisdom-Teaching. Then My Spiritual Baptism can Awaken you to My Spirit-Presence, and you will begin to practice the Way of Adidam in Spiritual relationship to Me."

God Is Not In Chargeaudio
track 6 of The Liberating Word of Avatar Adi Da Samraj, Volume 1

poster: DawnHorsePress
length: 09:19
date added: May 12, 2013
event date: September 23, 1982
language: English
listens: 2995; listens this month: 23; listens this week: 6
Track 6 of the free. downloadable CD, The Liberating Word of Avatar Adi Da Samraj, Volume 1.

Adi Da calls devotees to consider whether there is any evidence that a God exists Who one can hook up with through mere belief; and Who will then, like a Parent with Infinite Resources, start granting the believer a better life: reduced suffering, all kinds of earthly benefits, etc.
God   theology   CD  

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