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You Can’t Get There From Hereaudio
poster: AdidamRevelationMagazine
length: 09:58
date added: July 22, 2015
event date: August 2, 1980
language: English
listens: 2185; listens this month: 99; listens this week: 36
This audio excerpt is the first segment of talk given by Adi Da on August 2, 1980. It is available on the CD, You Can't Get There From Here.

In this excerpt, Adi Da instructs His listeners that there is nothing we can do to attain Real-God-Realization. The presumed separate "self" pursues union with the Divine as it pursues everything else in conventional life — but the presumption of "I" (or of separate "self", or ego) is the activity that actually prevents awareness of our True Divine Condition. As He says, actual God-Realization is not at the end of a sequence of efforts performed by the ego, or presumed separate "self". Rather, God-Realization only occurs in the transcending of the "self".

The CD also includes the talks, "The Ultimate Mudra" (from October 29, 1980) and "The 'Brightness' Will Outshine You" (from July 9, 1988).

For more on the talk, "You Can't Get There From Here", read the Adidam Revelation Magazine article, You Can't Get There From Here.

For more on the same theme, read our article, Why No Self-Applied Technique is Capable of Realizing the Divine.
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The Bridge to Godaudio
poster: AdidamRevelationMagazine
length: 12:44
date added: October 20, 2014
event date: October 27, 1980
language: English
listens: 2986; listens this month: 77; listens this week: 32
On October 26, 1980, a shaman from Mexico visited The Mountain Of Attention, Adidam’s primary Sanctuary in Northern California. The following day, Avatar Adi Da considered with His devotees the shamanic view of the world, the inherently magical nature of the world, and our psychic relationship to it.

In this deeply instructive discourse, released now as a CD entitled The Bridge to God, Adi Da makes clear the necessity to discover and participate in that magical condition in order to go beyond the suppressive confines of the conventional materialistic point of view and discover the happiness inherent in existence.

This CD audio excerpt is track 3, "Discover the Real Nature of Existence".

For more about this talk, read the special Adidam Revelation Magazine article on The Bridge To God.
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The Avon Lady, excerpt 1audio
part 1 of The Divine Siddha-Method Audio Series

poster: AdidamRevelationMagazine
length: 05:35
date added: January 30, 2014
event date: June 20, 1972
language: English
listens: 5115; listens this month: 151; listens this week: 65
"The Avon Lady" is a classic talk given by Avatar Adi Da in the early years of His Teaching-Work. In this humorous and penetrating discourse, Avatar Adi Da offers basic instruction regarding the nature of seeking and the Awakening Function of the True Guru.

In this audio excerpt entitled “There Is Already No Dilemma”, Avatar Adi Da describes the human egoic drama of separation, suffering, and seeking. All pleasures, distractions, and experiences reinforce that same drama of the apparently separate self. But the True Guru does not support the search, does not promise any fulfillment of that search. That is the uniqueness and the invaluable quality of the True Guru. Adi Da compares the True Guru to an unusual elevator – where one steps in, expecting to go up (toward Spiritual attainment or some other fulfillment), but instead the bottom drops out. This is why the search begins to fall apart once there is recognition of the True Guru. Then the real Spiritual process can begin.
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I Am Always Already Freevideo
poster: AdidamRevelationMagazine
length: 04:40
date added: November 23, 2013
language: English
views: 2669; views this month: 82; views this week: 39
The DVD, I Am Always Already Free, commemorates the Divine Mahasamadhi of Avatar Adi Da, which occurred on His Hermitage Island, Adi Da Samrajashram, on November 27, 2008. This DVD is a very beautiful and deeply moving treasure.

This video excerpt is the first track, "Now, and Forever Hereafter". It is a slideshow created immediately after Adi Da's Passing, which includes photographs and video clips from the last month of His life.

The Master Is The Meansaudio
poster: AdidamRevelationMagazine
length: 10:37
date added: November 23, 2013
event date: October 12, 2004
language: English
listens: 3417; listens this month: 99; listens this week: 46
The CD, The Master Is The Means, is a compilation of talks in which Avatar Adi Da describes the spontaneous heart-response to the Spiritual Master as the great, effective, and anciently known Means of Spiritual Awakening.

By exposing the true nature of ego, and pointing out our false and limiting presumptions about Spiritual Masters, Avatar Adi Da enables a free consideration of what is truly needed to Realize the Truth of our Condition. He provides a traditional context for the purpose of His human Form here, while also communicating the utterly unique appearance and offering He Is.

This audio excerpt, "Divine Realization Is a Gift", is from October 12, 2004. Here Avatar Adi Da states clearly that the Divine must be Self-Revealed by Grace. No method, no technique, no form of seeking of any kind is the means to Realize the Divine. All such seeking is simply evidence of contraction upon the separate "self" — which is the continuous, unsurrendered gesture of ego.

The essence of Adidam is, instead, living in the present Company of the Divine, turning whole bodily to that Divine Reality Appearing as Avatar Adi Da — and through that turning, being moved by Grace to His Perfect State of Divine Reality and Truth.
CD   Avataric Discourse  

Human History Is One Great Traditionvideo
poster: AdidamRevelationMagazine
length: 08:50
date added: November 23, 2013
event date: August 19, 2004
language: English
views: 2915; views this month: 134; views this week: 71
In response to a devotee's question about Spiritual Transmission, Adi Da discusses how the various schools of religious and Spiritual instruction fit within the Great Tradition.

("Great Tradition" is Avatar Adi Da's term for the total inheritance of human, cultural, religious, magical, mystical, Spiritual, and Transcendental paths, philosophies, and testimonies, from all the eras and cultures of humanity.)

Avatar Adi Da also describes the qualities of genuine Spiritual Transmission and offers guidance in transcending naive belief and all forms of limited thinking.

This excerpt is from the DVD, Human History Is One Great Tradition. Subtitles in English, Spanish, French, German, Dutch, Finnish, Polish, Czech, Chinese, Japanese, and Hebrew. This talk is also available on the CD, Human History Is One Great Tradition.
DVD   CD   Great Tradition   Avataric Discourse  

Enter the Inherently Fearless Conditionvideo
poster: AdidamRevelationMagazine
length: 14:08
date added: November 23, 2013
event date: September 18, 2004
language: English
views: 3550; views this month: 133; views this week: 73
Throughout the years of His Divine Avataric Teaching-Revelation, Avatar Adi Da spoke at length in response to devotees' questions on all subjects relative to the human circumstance — including death, and all the sorrow and fear inherent in the circumstance of human mortality.

In "Enter the Inherently Fearless Condition", a video segment from September 18, 2004, Avatar Adi Da describes the choice we face: to live in fear, the "native mood of the ego" — or to realize the profundity of the inherently fearless Condition.

Avatar Adi Da calls us to a surrendered life that is about Realization and all that is relevant to Realization, including compassionate service. Such a surrendered life is the key to an "easy" death.

This excerpt is part of the two-and-a-half-hour DVD, Easy Death — Discourses on the Ultimate Transcending of Death and Everything Else. Subtitles in English, French, Italian, German, Dutch, Polish, Czech, and Hebrew.

This compilation of ten talks spans thirty-four years of Avatar Adi Da's Work. It includes His compassionate Instruction about:
- the sorrow of loss
- the fear of death
- serving the dying person
- how to practice during and beyond the death process
- the Ultimate Demonstration of Divine Translation (or Most Perfect Realization of the deathless Condition).

From His Perfect Disposition of Absolute Freedom, Avatar Adi Da Samraj reveals the greater process within which death occurs, and the Ultimate Demonstration of What Is, Prior to life and death.

[Note: Since we posted this video, we have also posted a longer excerpt from the same DVD track here.]
death   DVD   Avataric Discourse  

Love Is How I Got To Hereaudio
poster: AdidamRevelationMagazine
length: 08:04
date added: November 23, 2013
event date: April 16, 1995
language: English
listens: 1945; listens this month: 42; listens this week: 20
In this talk from April 16, 1995 (available on the CD, Love Is How I Got to Here, Adi Da describes how the preparatory stages of practice of the Reality-Way of Adidam are associated with attention, and how the attachment to attention and all its objects prevents the Realization of Reality As It Is.

He goes on to describe the unique advantage that His bodily Incarnation provides in the process of such Realization, for all time, and how the relationship to Him occurs — directly and personally — beyond the life of His human Form.

The Cosmic Mandalaaudio
poster: AdidamRevelationMagazine
length: 06:09
date added: November 23, 2013
event date: 1982
language: English
listens: 2507; listens this month: 78; listens this week: 31
In this 1982 talk (available on the CD, The Cosmic Mandala), Adi Da speaks about what is required — in the death process, and in life — in order to transcend the mechanism of attention and Realize the Divine Self-Condition.

In this talk excerpt, Adi Da tells us that, to Realize permanent Happiness, we can make use of the natural motivation toward release from un-happiness.

In the death process, He recommends engaging the discipline of relaxation and release of the hold on body, mind, and all states of attention, thereby surrendering and transcending fear.
death   CD  

The Ultimate Outshining of Deathaudio
poster: AdidamRevelationMagazine
length: 07:36
date added: November 23, 2013
event date: October 3, 2004
language: English
listens: 2178; listens this month: 57; listens this week: 25
In this excerpt from the CD, The Ultimate Outshining of Death, Adi Da communicates, with great passion and compassion, the only way to be truly Free of the sorrow from the loss of a loved one.

Adi Da: "Loss, or separation — apparent separation through death or any other life-happening — is not only possible, it is inevitable. And there is nothing amusing about it. It is so. It is not possible to be consoled about it. But it is possible to be Free, utterly Free — only by Realizing That Which Is Inherently Free."
death   CD   Avataric Discourse  

There Is One Truth - Which Is Always Already The Caseaudio
poster: AdidamRevelationMagazine
length: 06:35
date added: November 15, 2013
event date: November 2013
language: English
event speaker: Megan Anderson
listens: 2532; listens this month: 66; listens this week: 31
Megan Anderson reads from Adi Da's essay, "There Is One Truth - Which Is Always Already The Case", which appears in the book, The Gift Of Truth Itself. This book is a compact introduction to Avatar Adi Da's Reality-Teaching and Way, and a highly accessible collection of essays from His master work, The Aletheon.

This audio clip is part of a larger presentation on The Gift Of Truth Itself appearing in The Adidam Revelation Magazine. The presentation features text excerpts from each section of the book.

Guru as Prophetaudio
poster: AdidamRevelationMagazine
length: 05:10
date added: October 22, 2013
event date: December 23, 1973
language: English
listens: 2882; listens this month: 75; listens this week: 35
Excerpt from Adi Da's talk, Guru As Prophet - available on a double CD from the Dawn Horse Press. This talk is also published in the book, My "Bright" Word. A course, My "Bright" Word, is also available from The Laughing Man Institute.

In this talk Adi Da distinguishes between the Spiritual (Transmission) Function of the True Guru and the public function of Guru as "prophet" (or critic).

For another excerpt from the same talk, click here.

See also the Adidam Revelation Magazine article, Guru as Prophet.

I Am Your Unique Advantageaudio
poster: AdidamRevelationMagazine
length: 09:03
date added: August 27, 2013
event date: October 1985
language: English
listens: 2599; listens this month: 57; listens this week: 28
A nine-minute audio excerpt from "Use Your Unique Advantage", a discourse given by Adi Da Samraj in October, 1985.

In this talk, Avatar Adi Da affirms the great law: "You become what you meditate on." One implication of this law is that we keep rebinding ourselves karmically, lifetime after lifetime. But this same law also can be used to free us from karma. Because "you become what you meditate on", Adi Da is the unique Advantage of His devotees. Those who feel the inherent heart-attraction to Avatar Adi Da’s Divine State are spontaneously moved to meditate on Him and to thereby "become" (or commune with, and ultimately Realize) His Divine State.

This talk is published in The Aletheon and is now available for the first time to read online, in the Adidam Revelation Magazine article, I Am Your Unique Advantage.

Searchless, Lawful Management of the Bodyaudio
poster: AdidamRevelationMagazine
length: 04:24
date added: July 10, 2013
language: English
listens: 2863; listens this month: 73; listens this week: 40
A devotee reads an excerpt from Adi Da's essay, "Searchless, Lawful Management of the Body", from the book, Green Gorilla.

In this essay, Adi Da addresses "lawfulness" in relation to diet, in contrast to the fascinated preoccupation with food that characterizes people in the modern world. This preoccupation is based in the egoic search for fun and pleasure, and inevitably results in suffering and pain. The lawful diet is not an end in itself, but a simple, ordinary practice that establishes "the 'position' of well-being of the body" and is part of a larger practice of what Adi Da calls "right life".

For more on this topic (as well as the text of the complete essay, "Searchless, Lawful Management of the Body"), read the Adidam Revelation Magazine's article, Searchless, Lawful Management of the Body. Further excerpts from Green Goriila can be found here.
Green Gorilla   diet  

I Will Work With You Directly Foreveraudio
poster: AdidamRevelationMagazine
length: 05:21
date added: November 16, 2011
event date: July 11, 1995
language: English
listens: 2817; listens this month: 51; listens this week: 21
An excerpt from the two-CD set, After My Lifetime — a collection of Adi Da's talks (1974–2004) in which He considers the passing of His physical body, the significance of this Yogic Event, the ever-present Gift of the direct relationship to Him, and the never-ending Nature of His Work to Bless and Awaken all beings.

For more about this double CD, read the special article on the Adidam Revelation Magazine.

"I Am the Infinite One. And This Body was My Means, for a while, to make this plain to you — that is all. I Appear through every element in every plane, every domain within the cosmic domain. This is So. It is Eternally So. Always will be So, therefore. Always was So — but you did not notice Me directly. This is My first and consequential Incarnation to inform you about My Infinite and Eternal Nature and Work."

—His Divine Presence, Adi Da Samraj (July 11, 1995)
Mahasamadhi   CD  
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