Adi Da's Divine Mahasamadhi
and Adidam In Perpetuity

Adi Da giving Darshan to His devotees, in front of the gate to
the "Brightness", November 19, 2008

On November 27, 2018, we commemorate
the 10th Anniversary of Adi Da's Divine Mahasamadhi.

At Adi Da Samrajashram, in the early evening of Thursday, November 27, 2008 (Fiji time), Avatar Adi Da Samraj departed from the body. Many times throughout His life, Avatar Adi Da Samraj prepared His devotees to rightly understand the significance of His human lifetime: the fact that it would inevitably come to an end at some point; and that the primary purpose of His life and work was to establish the means necessary for all future generations to be able to link up with Him, making the Way of Adidam available to all in perpetuity.

This section explores both Adi Da's Passing and the natural companion topic: the future of Adidam. It includes the following subsections:

  1. Adi Da on the Passing of His Human Form and His Eternal Presence

  2. Adi Da on the long term Purpose of Adidam

  3. Adi Da on the future of Adidam and the Great Calling of His devotees

  4. Stories from devotees and non-devotees related to Adi Da's Divine Mahasamadhi

  5. Further perspectives

1. Official releases about Adi Da's Divine Mahasamadhi

Adi Da Samraj
November 26, 2008
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His Divine Presence, Avatar Adi Da Samraj, Has Departed from the Body — Official announcement of Adi Da's Divine Mahasamadhi (on November 27, 2008) and a brief summary of Adi Da's Life and Work.


Divine Mahasamadhi logo
Divine Mahasamadhi logo
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2. Adi Da on the Passing of His Human Form and His Eternal Presence

Adi Da Samraj
November 3, 2008

The following readings (and audio/video clips) all share a common theme: That Adi Da will always be eternally present, and furthermore, that He has provided us with all the means necessary to locate Him, making His Presence forever available to us.


Love Is How I Got To Here — Excerpts (text and audio) from a discourse given by Adi Da Samraj on at Adi Da Samrajashram: "There will be a time when I am not physically present, just as most hours of every day, devotees don't have Me physically present anyway; they're somewhere else. When this body passes, it will be the same. Exactly the same. . . . You are always able to enter into Communion with Me. That capability for Ultimate, Most Perfect Realization has been made possible only by this Divine Avataric Intervention. This Divine Avataric Intervention having been Made, It is Eternalized." (April 16, 1995)


I Will Not Leave — Excerpt from a talk by Adi Da on August 11, 1995. "No one will feel Me leave when this Body dies, because I will not leave."


This Bodily Lifetime-Form Will Eventually Be Outshined — Excerpt from Avatar Adi Da Samraj's Essay, "Atma Nadi Shakti Yoga". (from The Aletheon, April-November, 2008)


I Taught You How To Notice Me — Avatar Adi Da speaking to devotees at Adi Da Samrajashram. (December 7, 1994)


This Is My Only Birth — "After the Spiritual Master's retirement or death, his initiatory function may be presumed still to be alive in and relative to the living functions of his true devotees. Therefore, wherever his devotees gather together, the initiatory Power is also Present." (from Breath and Name, 1977)


I Will Never Leave You (video) — "The principle of your Happiness will never be withdrawn. Never! Never! Tell everyone else, and let them feel It. That's your life work — something to do in the midst of this Ecstasy." (mid-1980's)

I Am As One Who Left His Home To Do A Thing For Man — Poem from Crazy Da Must Sing. (1982)

Ruchiradama Nadikanta is a member of the Ruchira Sannyasin Order and has been a devotee of Avatar Adi Da for over thirty-five years. She was present in the room with Him at the moment of His Passing. She tells us:

Ruchiradama NadikantaThe purpose...we have as a collective...[is] to Realize the Divine Revelation that Beloved [Adi Da] has given us, which is the Absolute Reality of His Always Present, Eternal Presence and the fact that He is Here exactly as He has always been, which is such a profoundly miraculous Secret that it surprises me every moment. But He has been Revealing this to me so strongly.

Ruchiradama Nadikanta
The Mountain Of Attention Sanctuary, February 2009
from "I Am Always Already Free" (DVD)

3. Adi Da on the long term Purpose of Adidam

Adi Da Samraj
November 2, 2008

Adi Da incarnated here for a greater Purpose than simply providing a means by which devotees could locate His Eternal Presence or "feel" His Spiritual Transmission forever — but not necessarily realize anything great Spiritually:

"Consider" this: Everything you have ever "experienced" — even what you felt was, somehow or other, My Divine Avataric Transcendental Spiritual Self-Transmission — is really not "It", really not Me. I Am Only. . . . The seventh stage Reality-Way is What I Reveal to you, What I Call you to embrace.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj
"The Way of Zero Bargaining", in The Seventh Way

His greater Purpose for Adidam was (and is) to enable all beings to realize the seventh stage of life (and to Outshine the conditional universe, one by one):

My seventh stage devotee can notice what is apparent to others as phenomenal arising — but my seventh stage devotee Divinely Self-Recognizes all conditions as the Divine Self-Nature, Self-Condition, and Self-State of Reality Itself, such that all conditions are simply "Brighter" and "Brighter" — in due course, to the absolute degree of Divine Indifference. Most Ultimately, there is the Outshining of conditional existence itself — in Which there is no "cause" for the continuation of the appearance of conditions. . . . In the case of the Realization of the seventh stage of life, the seed of all psycho-physical destiny, egoity itself, is transcended — and the seed of the psycho-physical motion to fulfill conditional purposes is vanished.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj
"The Way of Zero Bargaining", in The Seventh Way

Ultimately, the Force of large numbers of beings in the seventh stage of life will lead to the fulfillment of Adi Da's greatest Purpose: the "Outshining" of the entire conditional universe altogether:

And, Most Ultimately, When all-and-All have become Most Perfectly devoted to Me [the Divine Person], even all conditionally manifested beings (and even the total Cosmic Mandala Itself) will be Divinely Translated into the beginningless and endless, Self-Existing and Self-Radiant, Spiritually Self-"Bright" Divine Person and Spherical Self-Domain — Merely (and Only) by Means of this Most Perfect Awakening-Work I have Done (and will forever Do) for all-and-All.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj, The Knee Of Listening

What if the Universe Were to Disappear in Light? — Adi Da: "All of this appearing universe could vanish in a moment. It does not have to wait to disappear only after all beings get enlightened. If there could be a sufficient awakening on the part of all of us, perhaps the universe would disappear. If there could be sufficient awakening to the point that equanimity is established at the level of universal Force, then all of this moving universe would vanish." (Laughing Man Magazine, 1980)

4. Adi Da on the future of Adidam and the Great Calling of His devotees

Adi Da Samraj
November 2, 2008

When I Say My Work is Done, I mean . . . The Work does not rest on Me anymore. It rests on you.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj, November 30, 1985

The significance of My [Divine Mahasamadhi] is that all responsibility is Given over to you — not you separate from Me, but you participating in Me. And I need not maintain a Mechanism within the cosmic domain, because now I have countless forms of such Mechanism — My devotees — in devotional Communion with Me, As I Am, Merely Present.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj, March 29, 1994

You are the way to Me. . . Tell everyone I am here.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj

The word "calling" traditionally refers to a life purpose or destiny that defines one's life and one's commitment of time and energy.[1] The implicit understanding is that something greater than oneself (possibly even prior to this lifetime) is "calling" (or moving, or inspiring) one to this greater-than-conventional life purpose. To "find one's calling" is to finally be able to relax (at a very profound level) into the very purpose for which one was born, with which one's entire being resonates.

Unlike many still in search of their calling, the devotees of Adi Da know their Calling. They even know Who is Calling them to it, even now after His human lifetime.

The following readings all share a common theme: they lay out the immense, sobering, and joyous Great Calling of all of Adi Da's devotees and all those who appreciate and wish to serve Adi Da's Work.

Elements of the cosmic domain Uniquely Came Together in a Manner that Enabled Me to Make My conditionally apparent Sign of Divine Avataric Self-"Emergence" here. I have only this brief span of Lifetime in which to Make My Divine Avataric Self-Revelation and Forever Establish the seventh stage Reality-Way of Adidam Ruchiradam. Therefore, in My Divine Avataric Work here, I must be actively supported by the whole-bodily-responsive devotional recognition of My devotees.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj
From "The Boundless Self-Confession" in Part 24 of The Aletheon

And what is that Great Calling? It is to fully embrace the following tasks:

  • To completely fulfill one's Eternal Vow to Adi Da (and to one's heart), and fruitfully practice the Way of Adidam, growing in practice, to the point of finally fully Realizing Adi Da's Perfect Divine State.

    Use your life for the Purpose of Realizing Me, the Purpose of the feeling being, the Purpose of the heart. Fulfill the heart's desire, not the karmic impulses, the egoic tendencies. Those are there, but, as My devotee, you are not living them. You have made a vow instead to Realize Me. This impulse is the intelligence of your life. You are not here to fulfill the motions of egoity, the adaptations of the psyche. You have nothing to do with such things. Those things happen incidentally. You must exhibit the force of the heart, the force of living being, through right relationship to Me.

    Avatar Adi Da Samraj, A Mastered Life

  • To preserve, rightly serve, and rightly use the Sacred Treasures of Adidam — including all the Sacred Empowered Places — so that they continue to serve as Agency for Adi Da's Spiritual Transmission into the indefinite future, and so that "the Spiritual energy of these Sacred Places does not dissipate over time" (Ruchiradama Quandra Sukhapur).

    The Sacred Treasures of Adidam must be perpetuated, absolutely guaranteed, no two ways about it. It must be absolute. The responsibility of the Adidam Holy Samrajya to perpetuate the Sacred Treasures of Adidam must be absolutely guaranteed — absolute, for all future time. That is the "root"-obligation. That being guaranteed in perpetuity, then, in every moment, now and in the future, there is the "root"-source basis (or means) for the Adidam Mission, for bringing Adidam into the "world", for people to practice Adidam, and so forth. That will never be lost as long as the "Root"-Domain (or Source-Domain) is perpetuated. The perpetuation of the Source-Domain is the fundamental obligation (or "root"-obligation). All of the Sacred Treasures of Adidam, everything I have Brought into this "world", must be kept intact forever. And all of the Sacred Treasures that exist outside Adi Da Samrajashram must always be maintained by the Adidam Holy Domains — with most profound, infinite seriousness. There must be no possibility of anything ever happening to the Sacred Treasures I have Given.

    Avatar Adi Da Samraj

  • To manifest (as swiftly as possible) those elements (see here and here) essential to the continuation of Adidam in perpetuity that did not manifest during Adi Da's human lifetime: from the practical (a highly effective, global organization; a far larger culture of devotees; etc.) to the spiritual (Instrumentality in all its forms: a group of seventh stage devotees; authentic renunciate orders; altogether, "significant numbers of people practicing in the advanced and ultimate stages"; a flourishing culture based on recognition of and response to Adi Da as incarnation of the Divine Person; etc.).

And because of the uniqueness of His Realization, His Incarnation, and His Transcendental Spiritual Offering to all beings, we must be sure to "set Adi Da apart" (from all other Realizations, Spiritual Masters, and Spiritual Offerings) as we fulfill that Great Calling:

This is our Calling in perpetuity after Bhagavan Adi Da's bodily human Lifetime: to set Him apart in every circumstance and not subordinate Him to the ego's purposes. And so this is a real question for our Sangha: Can we come to terms with Bhagavan's Calling to us? And can we finally make that gesture of setting Beloved apart in this way and rightly present Him to the public? . . . We have to make sense out of Bhagavan's entire Life for those who are approaching Him now, and present the final view of Beloved, which is the vision of Him in His Eternal Parama-Sapta-Na Stand.

Ruchiradama Quandra Sukhapur

To put it another way (using a beautiful metaphor given by Adi Da), it is the Great Calling of Adi Da's devotees to help Him complete the manifestation of the Dawn Horse.

Adi Da

The sense of urgency in this task, which Adi Da communicated to His devotees from the beginning of His Teaching Work in 1972 to the end of His human lifetime, continues, and is transferred now to the first generation (or "legacy community") of His devotees:

The poor few who closet themselves with Me on this island [Adi Da Samrajashram], who visit here, who have known Me before, who have sat with Me — it all depends on you. You must Realize, as I have since birth, the profound weight of obligation that rests on you because of what is Given to you. You must Realize It. You must Realize It. Otherwise these gestures are ghosts. I am an unknowable Spirit for My devotees in the year 2300 unless My devotees in flesh and blood sit there, sublimed by this Realization, which they will not get unless you get it!

That first generation (Adi Da's "children") must now accomplish everything necessary to ensure (most obviously, through a group of seventh-stage devotees, yet to be created, but then perpetually maintained) that there will be future generations of devotees who still have access to the possibility of (seventh-stage) Divine Realization. We invite everyone who is moved to help us in this great endeavor to get in touch with us as soon as possible! Help is needed in every conceivable area, in the great and enormous work of making Divine Realization available to all beings.

All of you are creative in one fashion or another. You simply must discover where you are creative. Where is your "demon"? Where is your impulse? To what area of life is your energy drawn creatively? Where is your service, in other words? That is what each of you must find out, because each one of you is a genius at your service when you discover what your service is.

Of course, when you do discover it, then you must do what geniuses do! Each of you has a genius in you, a "demon" bent to serve positively, a course for your energy so that you may fulfill the work you were born to do in My Company.

You must discover your genius. You must discover where your energy goes. And when you discover what your service should be in My Company, then do that service with a will. Make it real service to Me. And transcend yourself through your real service to Me, whatever it is. Such transcending of egoity in the context of service makes your service as sacred an art as any of the so-called fine arts.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj

Note: We highly recommend reading all the talks, essays, and note sets below, if you want to get a full grasp of what is involved in ensuring the future of Adidam. You can read all of them in sequence by clicking the "Next Talk/Essay" link at the bottom of each page.

My Function is Absolutely Identical to the Divine And Yet it is Specific and Unique — "My influence remains with those whose connection is with me, even those who are now on this earth and who do not know Bubba Free John in the body. That influence is working on them at this moment. They are having dreams, they are having experiences because of my work. And yet they have never read a book about Bubba Free John, have never heard about him, have never seen him in a vision that they can remember! Nevertheless my work with them is just as specific as it is with you who know me in this body. And it is the same after my death." (November 20, 1975)


I Bring the Gifts — You Must Respond — "My Incarnation is associated with Divine Powers That I have Brought into this plane. My Divine Powers are now Eternally Established here. . . .The Divine Process is not magic. You must respond. Beings must respond. You must do the work. Otherwise, you are controlled by the structures of your own adaptation, and no great thing occurs." (March 23, 1994)


The Dawn Horse in Adidam — In 1970, Avatar Adi Da had a vision. He found Himself in a subtle realm, observing a Spiritual Master demonstrating to his disciples the Yogic power of manifesting objects spontaneously. Avatar Adi Da watched as the Master began the process of manifestation. After a time, although nothing had yet materialized, the Master's disciples departed, apparently satisfied that the work was done. Avatar Adi Da has commented that, like the Dawn Horse, the effects of His Liberating Work in the world will appear only gradually — just as, in the vision, the horse gradually became visible only some time after the Adept had initiated its materialization.


Creating an Immense Mandala of Transcendental Spiritual Transmission — Adi Da's beautiful, succinct description of the purpose of His Life and Work. (April 23, 1984)


Everything That I Am Purposed To Bring To Here — Adi Da describes the essential elements of His "Immense Mandala of Spiritual Transmission". (February 26, 2008)

Then the Necessity for the Physical Presence of the Spiritual Master has Become Obsolete — Adi Da describes the essential elements of what He wanted to be in place by the end of His human lifetime. The list is very similar to the one He gave in the previous description, "Everything That I Am Purposed To Bring To Here". (October, 1982)

At Last This Community Must "Be Me" and Assume All My Life-Functions — One of the earliest descriptions Adi Da provided for how His "Immense Mandala of Spiritual Transmission" would function after His human lifetime. It is remarkably similar to His final vision. (early 1970's)


The Death and Birth of the God-Man — A talk given by Avatar Adi Da. "The incarnation of devotees is the birth. . . . And so you can see that the birth of the God-man implies sacrifice, or death, of the God-man, and it must occur quickly. Such a one cannot live to be an old, old man or woman. Such a one can live only as long as it takes to prepare the being of devotees, of lovers." (July 12, 1976)


The Time of My Death Is Determined By My Work — "It may seem like the Work has not been completed, and yet I may go." (from Garbage and the Goddess, 1974)


Incarnating My Pattern Here In Perpetuity — Adi Da summarizes progress to date in the creation of His "Immense Mandala of Spiritual Transmission": "My Spiritual Transmission of My Very Person will be continued through various means of Agency and Instrumentality. They will simply be vehicles for My Transmission of My Own Person, My Own Presence. And this will be obvious to devotees—not a cultic invention. But it will not be obvious until this integrity is established, until there are renunciate orders, and the Sangha, the gathering itself, has real integrity, conformed to Me, fulfilling its obligations, and there are significant numbers of people practicing in the advanced and ultimate stages. This is urgently required. . . . In terms of My Own Work, I must be active developing Instrumentality and Agency. This means I need a body of devotees, level two and beyond. And I must concentrate in working with them, and they must fulfill their service role in the gathering. When that occurs, then other dimensions of My Pattern will be established here, and more of the service this Body has been Born to do, to accomplish, will have been accomplished." (November 10, 1996)


My Devotees Must Do the Instrumental Work While I Do the Source-Work — "My devotees, who devotionally recognize Me, are the necessary Instrumentality that must serve the Extending of My Gifts to all-and-All.. . . Now, and forever hereafter, Instrumentality Is the Absolute Necessity. Instrumentality is how everything works." (excerpt from The Aletheon, August 2008)

The Incarnation of the Purusha — "Whether my birth and my association with people can represent the force of some great age, a great transformation of the world, is to be seen. My work can be relatively modest and local, as Shirdi Sai Baba's work was in his lifetime, or my work can be associated with a global transformation. It will depend on recognition, surrender, and acceptance of a lawful order of existence by many, many, many people." (excerpt from The Bodily Location of Happiness, 1982)


A Functioning, Global Institution — "The Treasures cannot survive without a major, truly existing, functioning, global Institution." (March 15, 2006)


The Survival of That Influence — "Devotees, through the whole life of spiritual sacrifice, must continue to maintain their own Community as an Agency for the survival of that Influence." (from The Enlightenment of the Whole Body, 1978)


The Need for Living Agency — "Without such Living Agency how will that Process take place in the future? Perhaps, as in the past, people will resort to the pieces of it that men and women of experience represent. People can always experience a little Yoga, a little psychism, a little internal energy, a little insight. But when the Total Representation of Divine Self-Realization is Demonstrated in the literal bodily (human) form of one individual, you must make use of it. It is an Advantage that is unique in human time." (from The Enlightenment of the Whole Body, 1978)


An Unknowable Spirit in the Year 2300 — "When I Say My Work is Done, I mean . . . The Work does not rest on Me anymore. It rests on you. . . . I am an unknowable Spirit for My devotees in the year 2300 unless My devotees in flesh and blood sit there, sublimed by this Realization, which they will not get unless you get it!" (November 30, 1985)


It is Up to Humankind to Accept My Gift — "I cannot Force you to do it. The choice is up to you and everyone." (August 13, 2004)

Only My Children Can Build a Temple — A poem from Crazy Da Must Sing. (1982)

Gates to The "Brightness"
Lion's Lap and The "Brightness"
(click on picture to view enlargement)

5. Stories from devotees & non-devotees related to Adi Da's Divine Mahasamadhi

Adi Da Samraj
November 25, 2008

If you have a story about (or related to) Adi Da's Divine Mahasamadhi; or if Adi Da has benefitted your life or transformed your view of Reality, and you'd like to share that story with others, please send us your story.

I've grown used to miracles.
The wonder is not whether we will be together,
me with those I'm loving,
on some other side.
The wonder is that we've met
and been together, loving here,
in this half-made world,
where love is yet to take its hold.

Adi Da Samraj
Crazy Da Must Sing,
Inclined To His Weaker Side


The Graceful Touch of My Master

The Graceful Touch of My Master — Paul Litchfield tells the story of his time with Adi Da on Naitauba, during October and November, 2008, up to and beyond the day of Adi Da's Divine Mahasamadhi. He also tells of a miraculous healing that took place through Adi Da's Grace, after he returned to Melbourne, Australia.

Free From Feeling Like a "me" — The author is from the Southeastern U.S. Region of Adidam. She became Bhagavan Adi Da's devotee only a few months before His Divine Mahasamadhi, and was never in His physical Company while He was alive. This is her personal account of traveling to Naitauba for the first time, for a 10-day pilgrimage retreat during the Vigil following the Divine Mahasamadhi of Adi Da Samraj.
Just As He Had in the Dream — Petrus Faller describes a dream he had, at the moment of Adi Da's Passing.

Petrus Faller

My Heart Turned Into a Vast SKY — "A vast open feeling. . . . Something momentous has occurred."


Marylu Miller

A Descent of Blessing — Marylu Miller has been a devotee of Avatar Adi Da since 1998. She describes the Blessing she received at the time of Adi Da's Divine Mahasamadhi.

The Divine Mahasamadhi of Adi Da Samraj — A personal account from longtime devotee, Michael Shaw.

Michael Shaw

Dennis Regan

There Is No "Other" — Dennis Regan lives in Australia, and has been a devotee of Avatar Adi Da for many years. He describes the Blessing he received at the time of Adi Da's Divine Mahasamadhi.

This Is Not The End Of Anything — Elizabeth Solliday tells of her final visit with Adi Da's bodily human form, during the Vigil period immediately after His Divine Mahasamadhi.

Always Already Free — The Force of His dropping of the body literally opened a hole through time and space . . . The air became so incredibly still it felt as if the atomic structure of things could break by a single breath.


For Lovers of the Bright One — I was a few hundred meters from Adi Da at the time of His leaving the body. Thank you, Lord . . . You did not leave us. Your Presence is brighter and more attractive then ever.

Praise to the Guru, Body of Light — Leslie Waltzer came to Bhagavan Adi Da in 1975, when she was 29 years old. She went on retreat at Naitauba, arriving just after Adi Da's Divine Mahasamadhi. This is her story of what happened while she was on Naitauba.

Leslie Waltzer

Lynne Thompson

Everything Has Changed and Nothing Has Changed — I was fortunate to be able to get on a plane and head over to the Island [Adi Da Samrajashram]. I consider this Auspicious Occasion to be the most profound in my life, even as I am still struggling to find words to correctly explain what that means.


There Is No Loss — When I arrived at Beloved Adi Da's House (about thirty hours after His Passing), I felt such an incredible sense of personal loss of my dearest, dearest Loved One, that I burst into tears. In His Company, I gradually stopped crying, and began to feel Beloved Adi Da Present in the most extraordinary manner.


Touched By Him — On December 1st (2008), the day after the interment of our Beloved Master's physical remains, I went up back to the "Brightness" Temple in the early afternoon.The entire area seemed to vibrate with a tangible Presence that was very familiar to me as Bhagavan's Spiritual Form. As I sat down on the ground, I became conscious of the fact that this was only about thirty feet away from the chamber in which Bhagavan's physical form was buried.


His Answer To My Question — Since Bhagavan Adi Da's Divine Mahasamadhi, I had felt an urgency to know why and what happened. And so I participated in discussions as well as many private conversations conjecturing about all of this. But over time I realized that I was more and more disturbed about all of this. My dearest Heart-Master was gone, and I felt that I truly needed to know why and what had really happened.


A Dream About Adi Da's Mahasamadhi — Through a dream, a devotee is led to be with Bhagavan at the time of His Divine Mahasamadhi and to feel the miracle that He has not left at all.

He Came To Me In a Dream — Rex tells how Adi Da came to him in a dream in 1983.

A Word On His Passing — from poet, Dimitrios Otis.

To God Knows Where — Reading an article in an Israeli newspaper revealed to Kiam the identity of the face that had been appearing to him.

Suddenly a Foot and Thumb Appeared — Alaya Gernon: "The Murti changed to simply light as it often does for me. Suddenly, within the Murti, a foot and and thumb appeared. The thumb then extended and burst into my third eye."

Alaya Gernon

A Glimpse of Him in Truth — I was never fortunate enough to have been a true devotee of a Guru. I was closest to Adi Da. I was an appreciator of Him, and occasionally let into His world by Grace to catch a glimpse of Him in Truth.


An Island On Fire — I am far from that island but I see it shining in the middle of the black sea. I knew he had come.


Lynne Thompson

Beauty, Magnitude, and Serenity — Vinod Karki is a devotee originally from Uttar Pradesh in northern India. He describes some extraordinary visions he had of Adi Da, around the time of Adi Da's Divine Mahasamadhi.


He Awakens Me To Love — "No one can comprehend what this being represents. . . . With him it always goes deeper."


A Mahasamadhi Horoscope —Devotee PM cast a horoscope for the moment of Bhagavan Adi Da's Divine Mahasamadhi. The most striking feature was that Neptune was very close to the Midheaven.



Time To Return — "About a week ago [shortly before Adi Da's Divine Mahasamadhi], I had a dream about Beloved Adi Da."

6. Further perspectives

Adi Da Samraj
Adi Da walking to the "Brightness"
November 19, 2008

Is Adi Da Still Spiritually Active?
Question: Is Adi Da still spiritually active, now that His human lifetime is over?
Brief answer: Very much so! We consider Adi Da's words about this, as well as the experiences of devotees (and non-devotees) after His human lifetime.
Question: Didn't Adi Da state that His body was incorruptible — or at least that it would be suitable for display (if it did not resurrect) for some years to come? My understanding is that it was buried on the third day after death, due to its poor condition.
Brief answer: No, Adi Da never said His body would be incorruptible after death. He also considered a variety of alternatives for exactly what to do with His body, to make it as potent as possible for Spiritual Transmission, and decided in favor of an approach along the lines of a traditional Mahasamadhi site

Adi Da's Successor
Question: Who will be Adi Da's "Murti Guru" or successor?
Brief answer: Since Adi Da is Eternally Present, and the direct relationship to His Eternal Presence is the Way of Adidam, there can be no successor for Him (and there is no need for one).

Dead Gurus Can't Kick Ass
Question: Does Adi Da's famous saying apply to Him, now that He is no longer alive?
Brief answer: Adi Da's saying epitomized His Work with devotees during the "Teaching Years". But from 1986 on, it became increasingly clear to Him that "kicking the ass" of His devotees — in other words, submitting to work with His devotees one-on-one in every possible way: being their friend, humanly loving them, answering their questions, reflecting them to themselves, granting them Spiritual experiences of every kind, persuading them to practice, shouting at their lack of practice, etc. — was fruitless for actual growth in the seventh stage Way He was offering. (It might have made a difference in the context of a lesser Way, but not in the Way of Adidam). It became clear to Him that the only thing that worked was for devotees to submit to Adi Da, through recognition of Him as the Divine, and response to Him on that basis. In other words, in the Divine Way of Adidam, the Guru's Divine Revelation and Transmission is always available and sufficient for growth, and ultimately, Divine Realization. But actual growth in the Way depends entirely on the individual devotee's recognition of the Guru as the Divine, and response to Him on that basis — and not on the Guru "kicking ass".

Use of the term, "Mahasamadhi"
Question: You describe how Adi Da passed away due to natural causes, but you refer to it as His "Mahasamadhi". I thought the term, "Mahasamadhi", was reserved for when Spiritual Realizers, in a moment of their own choosing, intentionally leave the body. But what you describe could just as well fit Joe Smith down the street, dying of a heart attack, no?
Brief answer: The term, Mahasamadhi, more generally indicates the passing of any great Spiritual Master, regardless of what form that passing may take. More specifically, we use the phrase, "Divine Mahasamadhi", to indicate the passing of a human Incarnation of the Divine.

The Way of the Bone: The Addict's Revision of Adidam vs. the True Way
Question: I'm a devotee. While Adi Da was still alive, my whole practice every week was oriented around Adi Da's newest gifts to us (His books, His image-art, His communications to devotees, etc.) I'm somewhat at a loss as to what to do now, after His Divine Mahasamadhi.
Brief answer: In the relative quiet after Adi Da's Passing, we may finally have the space to feel a fundamental error many of us may have been making in our practice: that the Way of Adidam is not just a matter of receiving Adi Da's Gifts, but is a relationship, characterized by mutual gift-giving. No significant growth in the Way of Adidam will ever happen otherwise.

7. Related books and CDs

Gates to The "Brightness"
Gates to The "Brightness"
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After My Lifetime

After My Lifetime: A Collection of Talks (1974–2004) Given by His Divine Presence, Avatar Adi Da Samraj, on His Eternal Divine Work

Two-CD Set
November, 2011
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An exceptional collection of Adi Da’s Instruction covering the passing of His human Form, the significance of this Yogic Event, the ever-present Gift of the direct relationship to Him, and the never-ending Nature of His Work to Bless and Awaken all beings.

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All the tracks from this CD are also available for playing on our website.

The Eternal One

The Eternal One:
The Divine Mahasamadhi
of The Divinely Translated Master,
Parama-Sapta-Na Adi Da Samraj

by Ruchiradama Quandra Sukhapur Rani Naitauba

November 2009 edition
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The Eternal One commemorates the extraordinary events surrounding Avatar Adi Da's relinquishment of the physical body, and describes the beginning of the yearlong worldwide vigil period established to honor his passing and celebrate his Eternal presence.This full-color 320 page 81/2" x 11" book has countless photos of Adi Da Samraj during His physical Lifetime, and also includes many images from the events after His Passing.

The Divine Mahasamadhi of Parama-Sapta-Na Adi Da Samraj

The Divine Mahasamadhi of Parama-Sapta-Na Adi Da Samraj

introduction by William Tsiknas and Naamleela Free Jones

April 2009 edition
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This booklet contains Avatar Adi Da's own words about the event of His death. It reveals the deep significance of His passing and His ongoing Transcendental Spiritual Regard of all beings.

Da Mahasamadhi Vigil Chanting Compilation

Da Mahasamadhi Vigil Chanting Compilation: Celebrating the Culmination of Avatar Adi Da Samraj's Heroic Life

Special Limited Edition 13-CD boxed set
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The listener is invited to directly participate in the invocation of Avatar Adi Da as it unfolded during the Vigil immediately following His Divine Mahasamadhi (His physical passing). Hear devotional chants, music, and puja sounds recorded live during the Vigil on the day of Avatar Adi Da's Physical Interment in November 2008, and from anniversary occasions in 2009 and 2010.

Proceeds benefit the "Brightness" Temple.

On the path to the "Brightness"
On the path to the "Brightness"
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Adi Da Regarding the "Brightness"
Adi Da Regarding the "Brightness"
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You cannot hold on to anything. This world is not about "home".

You must transcend everything.

You cannot find a place of consolation in My Company.
I am not "home" either.
I shift My shapes.

I Am Invisible, a Moment of Influence, a Sound, a Word for the moment, a Gesture, an Appearance, an Act, a Form.
It disappears. What was its Purpose? To Wake you up. To relieve you of "home", "homewardness".

I Am the Interference, the Awakener. Even This, My human Body, will be Sacrificed for the sake of your Awakening, ultimately, eventually.
For now, It remains useful — as long as It lasts.
But It is not "home".

You may find It attractive in a variety of ways, but It is Attracting you to That Condition Which is not "objective" to you, but Which Requires the transcending of egoic "self" to Realize.

And That Is What I Am Up To here.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj
August 19, 1987

The Outshining "Brightness" Temple

The Outshining Brightness Temple, the Mahasamadhi Site of
Avatar Adi Da Samraj on Adi Da Samrajashram
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Standing Free—
without shape,
without center,
without perimeters.

Stand Free.

Who is Being
the Witness-Consciousness
I Am!

Go to Home
by Always As
with Me.

The conditional "world"
is always already dead.

It is now finished.

I Call you to the "Perfect Practice"
by devotion to Me.

Here I Am.
I Am Here.
Stand Firm Here—
Where I Am
As I Am.

I Tell you now:
No idea of "God"
will protect you from death.
There is no bargaining
with Indivisibility.

The Only One Who Is,
Only Is.
I Am
the One Who Is.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj
Part 16, The Aletheon

Outshining Brightness Temple
The Outshining Brightness Temple, the Mahasamadhi Site of
Avatar Adi Da Samraj on Adi Da Samrajashram


James Hillman's book, The Soul's Code: In Search of Character and Calling, is an excellent presentation on this subject. To place his presentation in the greater context of being a devotee of the Divine (not just an ego): Our primary Calling is from the Divine. Our karmic patterns and competences (Hillman's "acorn") are developed and utilized in service to that primary Calling. We may discover that we are predisposed to be writers, singers, dancers, by karmic calling. But what then do we write, sing, or dance about, as devotees? The Divine. When everything is in right order, not only are we nurturing the "acorns" of our karmic competences, letting them develop; we are also placing those competences in service to the Divine, rather than our own egoic purposes.

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